Renraku Computer Systems, new c2 hs/c4 WH small-med gang WH corp LF Pilots

                   Todays Solutions to Tomorrows Problems

Renraku Computer Systems is a c2 hs/c4 wormhole corp devoted to enjoying all New Eden has to offer without the constraints. Here at Renraku we pride ourselves on our adaptability, our aggressive drive towards finding things to do, and our thoughtful approach towards each new trial and trouble that arises.

We are looking for pilots interested in making isk via fleet c4 site-running, and going out looking for stuff to kill or have a good fight with. We have no intention to ever interfere in Isk-flow, in fact we know that a pilot with good isk and a good method of making it is 10x as effective as a pilot without, so we aim to make it that way. No tax will ALWAYS be how the corporation is run.

  • Ability to fly a c4 solo-capable PvE ship (not an absolute, but preferred, must be able to provide some form of support during PvE ops in the C4 ie: t2 salvaging, LR webs etc…)

  • ability to fly a strategic cruiser for PvP ( tengu/loki in particular)

  • alt account (prober/roller/eyes/hauler) preferred but not a requirement

  • Comms (we use discord for general communication and fleets, our size wont require another external application)

  • active, we are interested in players who play consistently, not once or twice a week (though obviously real life comes first)

  • Willing to use the mapper (Galaxy Finder) and help maintain sigs when out in space

  • General Decency, we dont tolerate racism/sexism or any other bigotry in corp, no matter who you are, it is an instant boot, we are here to play a game, not be children.

                             What we offer

:white_check_mark: C4 static means high end isk generation
:white_check_mark: HS static means easy access to market and added security (its hard to lock someone out of a HS Static
:white_check_mark: Experienced Leadership going back to 2006, with a clear direction and feasible long term objectives for the corp to strive towards.
:white_check_mark: Open minded, liberal, fact and experience oriented leadership who listens to even the newest members suggestions, constantly adapting to provide a more effective, pleasant, and engaging community for the group as a whole.
:white_check_mark: Community of experienced WH pilots wanting people to learn from them as well as increase isk-flow and safety while doing so.
:white_check_mark: Citadel to base out of, with engineering and refinery complexes to come (for those into that sort of thing)

If this appeals to you and you are interested in finding out more, feel free to contact Nikara Musashi via eve-mail or convo, or join us at " Renraku Computer Systems " channel in game for a chat.

Bumping on up, still on the lookout for a few brave, daring, and proactive souls to add to fleet.

Daily Bump, LF more pilots for WH shenanigans. Hit us up at " Renraku Computer Systems " channel in game.

Daily Bump, still looking for more members to partake of hull mining and site running.

Daily Bump, still on the prowl for a couple good bro/sistas to make isk and kill stuff with.

Daily Bump.

Daily Bump.

Bumping on up. Looking for some aggressive types to roam wh with…

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