Rental Contracts

So I was talking with some of my corpmates and the topic of renting came up and I just thought how cool would it be if we could set up rental contracts to rent out ships and stuff to others then after a set period of time it would automatically transfer back over to the original owner. So for example if I were to rent out my procurer to somebody for two days, they would be able to fly and use it then after two days it would appear in my ship hangar in the station that the person left it in

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Cool idea in principle. Runescape did it when I played it 10 years ago, lol

Time for eve to catch up!

Why does the ship MAGICALLY transfers back? Just find someone you mutually trust and has an excell/google sheet and follows up the rent?

because you can’t trust people in Eve, and in the case that they lose the ship, the money to pay for another one will be automatically transferred to your wallet

We had such contracts in the past. They got removed because barely anyone used them.

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But what when they take a ship deep into nullsec and leave it there? Does it get hauled back by npc’s?

Some say EVE Online is almost full of dishonest people. I would say it is full of almost honest people. Break a deal, face the wheel.

well they could do that, but they’re just wasting ISK on a ship that I can just asset safety back to lowsec for retrieval

Maybe they can hide it in a wormhole? :wink:

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