Eve Rent a Ship? (Instead of buying)

Well… I would like to see a “Rent a ship” service for those 3billion+ ISK monsters, if you’re qualified to drive it why not? Use it for a day, or even multi-term leasing.

You know you whales out there with piles of ships could use a way to make more ISK while you sleep.

That is in the game already… Expert System

ok I’ll check it out, just didn’t see it anywhere as a rent, lease, or buy tab when purchasing ships.

Meh… that’s kinda what I mean, but not really.

could i rent out thrashers ?


What happens if you lose it, or trade it to an alt, or sell it, or trash it, or reprocess it, or repackage it and destroy the rigs, or logoff and don’t logon again for a week, or dock it in a structure that the owner doesn’t have rights to dock in, etc.?

I assume in all cases, you’d be up for the full cost + rental cost, for the ship even before being able to rent it; at which point you become an attractive target for rental scammers, who rent out ships with the sole intent of hunting the renter.

Would be fun I guess, but too much risk for the renter (who if they are able to front up the full cost + rent, could always go buy and then sell again instead).


Yeah like those exotic car rentals, or a UHAUL, you could purchase separate insurance, use it for a bit and then return it.

Make it so Capsuleers could sign up their ships to be rented and work out the terms.

You might need to have some type of disabling mechanism that reliquishes the ship controls like when you move from Omega to alpha, and then auto-pilots the ship back to the rental depot, the owner could also eject the capsuleer in their respective capsule in case of owner-client relations fall out, which would also cause the ship to return to the rental depot.

the ships would have to be assigned rental #'s to the name slot to show it is a rental, which would serve many purposes.

Loan contracts were removed from the game years ago.


The difficulty with this additional complicated mechanic is that ship fits are dependent on the skills of the pilot in many cases. Without a capsuleer onboard, the fit may not be valid for the ship to be flying anywhere, so then you need to start overriding more existing mechanics to make that work.

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I’d say the world at large relies heavily upon rental contracts, they should exist in a future such as EVE.

Then go make a business and provide the service. You can already do that within EVE.

It isn’t mechanics that prevent it now. It’s trust.


“No, money down!”


Do you need rental contracts? Can’t you just make a courier contract that does almost the same thing?

I was thinking about that, but it doesn’t quite work with the current contract system. You’re back to needing “trust in the other guy for the value of the ship”.

If I lend you my ship, with a contract that says you have to deliver that ship back to me in 1 week or pay the collateral (ship value), either I have to give you the ship first or you have to accept the contract first, either of which is abusable.

It would require a combined “Item Exchange plus Courier” type of contract, where I agree to give you an item, and you agree to deliver an item back to me or pay the collateral at a set time. With current contracts though that would only work for unfit ships since you can’t guarantee they won’t strip and sell your stuff. Or they could add in a feature where a ship fit is “locked” until returned to owner.

While doable, I can’t really see any reason why CCP would. They’d much rather you ground out your own ISK and bought your own ships than facilitate “loaners” between players.

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Buy the ship, use it, sell it at a loss when you’re done.

When I rent a car, they usually make me pay up front costs, # of days, insurance, etc, afterwards if I use it for less time I usually get refunded the unused rental monies, but I’m almost always paying more than I put down in the first place.

Honestly uncertain why people keep trying to make “real world” comparisons to the game where they’re an immortal clone warp-jumping through space in a galaxy far, far away…

EVE doesn’t offer the service you desire. It would be a waste of time for the devs to implement, since it accomplishes none of their goals. If you want to rent a car, talk to Hertz. If you want to fly a spaceship, you’ll have to buy your own.

I would like to rent ten thousand Catalysts, fit with tier II neutron blasters.

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I Like the fact that if a want a super it’s going to take me a bloody long time to save up for 1.
And that if I do decide to undock it I will b bloody carefull.
With rent a ship there is no need for any of that. Undock lose it who cares… I don’t think its a good idea tbh

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