Repair service & weapon fatigue

so I got thinking about TIDI and how there are a variety of factors involved in TIDI
and i came up with an interesting idea for the game.

Weapon Fatigue
basically every single time a weapon is fired it creates a very minor amount of damage to the weapon. similar in a sense to how overheating works but to the weapons only.

this weapon fatigue can only be repaired via the repair service.
if you over heat your weapons (which will still do over heat damage of course) but will add a compoundng effect to weapon fatigue.

tethering will still repair your ship and the over heat damage but not the weapon fatigue, every soldier, outlaw or warrior has had to take care of their weapons or assets, be it swords, six shooters, horses, artiliary cannons or machine guns.

so I don’t see why we couldn’t have something like that in place.

weapon fatigue could also be amplified in TIDI especially against certain weapons.

I have mentioned before about using aspects coded into the game such as shutting down local or disabling gates when big tidi fleet fights are happening, this will help reduce the local traffic in the region, however by applying a weapon fatigue to the tidi system would help get rid of excess server spam and allow for a more smoother fight.

in my humble opinion I think that non faction combat drones (so T1 & T2) should suffer some kind of resistance reduction which would mean taking more damage, this is to reduce the smaller assets on grid, however faction drones and fighters are all good to keep the same, this would increase the need for sub caps on grid especially in escort of capitals.

by having increased weapon fatigue during tidi especially on certain weapons and reducing excess smaller assets it helps reduce a series of factors from the server stress load allowing TIDI to be lowered and preventing server crashes, this will ultimately mean to an extent an improvement on overall tidi and create a stable flow of fighting which if implemented correctly could also lead to longer fights.

thoughts anyone?

How would additional damage calculations on a myriad of more entities improve the server performance while the server is already overburdened with existing damage calculations?


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those calculations would eventually disable the weapons causing the most TIDI, its my understanding the smaller the calculation the easier it is to process, so in more stressful situations the weapon fatigue is more accumlative, meaning smaller calculations over a longer period of time = disable those guns, once those weapons are disabled, that further calculation itself also stops.

instead of using weapon fatigue in tidi perhaps all weapons simply begin to over heat, which would have the same effect, the greater the tidi the faster weapons which stress the server shut down.


you’d also have to factor in the fact that weapon fatigue could already exisit on weapons when entering the fight so some long tidi fights might not end up being so long

That’s pretty much what you ask for just with added hoops and calculations that burden the server more.

However, how are you supposed to fight a structure fight if your weapon turns off 20% into the timer because it overheated and you could not do a single thing against this? Sure, with guns I can just use a stack of 2 times 200 damage ships in my fleet. But do only those 2 guns overheat or all 8 even though only used 2? It just sounds very non-intuitive and frustrating.


I would argue its less hoops, however I do see the point you’re making

your main issue is about tidi combat and structure fights.

honestly i’m not experienced enough as a structure basher to give a solution to that, however i’m sure there is one somewhere. all structure bashes i’ve been on haven’t had tidi apply to them.

my initial thought is that under normal game play circumstances this mechanic should be fine.
I guess at different levels of Tidi there would have to be different effects

if TiDi goes from 1 - 10% for example i do not recall off the top of my head which it does go to
then at each different % you implement something which is designed to counter players interaction to ease tidi for smoother fighting.

examples could be

3% - disable gates for that system

5% disable cynos in that system
6% disable local
7% tidi disable smart bombs
8% drones resistance is lowered so they take more damage

all of which are viable options without factoring weapon fatigue. tidi was only a factor of this point i figured a weapon fatigue idea would be good idea for the game to give the repair service some use.

i figured in very high stress situations for the server & player clients, if the stress reaches above a certain point, it would just switch off some high stress guns, causing less traffic to the server allowing for a smoother big fight experience.

perhaps weapon fatigue instead of being an accumlative calculation could just simply change the state of the weapon to have a longer rate of fire, which would stretch out the fleet fight as weapon cycles would be slower and more spaced out.

TIDI fights are already long enough usually, especially when amplified by the TIDI. They don’t need to become any longer, in my opinion.

Can you think of something to make TIDI fights last shorter instead?

wouldn’t this reduce tidi and force some players to leave the grid allowing for smoother fights which don’t last as long?

high stress guns and assets like drones get shut down or easily blapped to reduce server stress so the fight goes faster as well as a system which controls the environment depending on tidi stresses

pretty much the whole concept here is to help shorten the tidi fights and lower the server stress for a smoother gameplay experience.

If we randomly disconnect 50% of the players once TIDI reaches high enough values we would also ‘force players to leave grid’ and reduce TIDI.

Doesn’t mean it’s a good idea though.

Likewise, your idea of turning off weapons in the middle of a fight in order to reduce TIDI isn’t a good idea either.

I didn’t say anything about disconnecting players.

nor do i think it is a good idea, personally i am against factions winning fights by smartbombing the server into booting players from grid just to win a timer fight.

however i think some aspect of having some players leave grid and then come back would be more a viable option.

it would help make a smoother experience for game play and reduce tidi especially if you factor in different environmental / traffic controls in the game.

an example is to shut down gates near that system, this way people can still be bridged in via a titan, but once tidi gets to high, no more cyno, why because the server can’t handle it.

its not really a difficult concept to grasp, especially considering this would reduce the length of tidi fights, allow for smoother battles as well as keep the fights to a decent realistic length.

processing power > input data instead of player spam > server processing capabilities.

by extending the weapon cycle time would easily allow the processing capability should be equal too or possibly greater than the combat going on, this would then allow smoother fights and allow tidi to become more of a stress load optimisation tool.
this would be a long drawn out yet smoother fight, with minimal tidi

which to my understanding is what CCP is all about atm, do how about all weapons and shields in the game get a slight tweek.

kind of like how team work > multiboxing and all miners getting some kind of residue

why not have the same thing for cycle time and repair rates.

in fact theres an idea, to counter players using these smart bomb fits to crash servers, why not creater a compounding effect on smart bombs specifically, which is the more smart bombs you have on your ship, the longer the cycle time.

this would mean people could still smart bomb gate camp it would just be done slightly differently but also combat a prime threat to tidi situations

more smartbombs = longer discharge time or perhaps they should reduce the resistance over time on your ship to prevent you from spamming them for excessing amount of time, making them a short term option.

making them perfect for pipe bombs and gate camps but useless in tidi

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