Replicator is garbage and if you hired him, you're garbage too

(Corsys) #1

Jut saying… I love getting new corpses from bad pilots, while I’m in my Rorq. 3 killmarks already, thanks… Just shows how little skill you guys actually have, that you had to outsource a lame like this guy lmfao… I carry his corpses in my Rorqual with me, to keep me company… The guy has 60 alts and this is a tactic? lmfao… You guys are lame… PL. You’re lame… We know you hired him and we laugh at him as we mine, with his alts in our local, and our excavators out… Yaawwwnn… Nothing too see here… Move along…

Lmfao… Had to pay a guy to sit somewhere and do nothing in Delve and you think we’re going to stop mining and ratting? lmfao… The ONLY thing you accomplished is you polarized us all to be more ready to mine with locals in the area… Now more people will simply not dock up and kill you when you try to jump on them… Thanks for that… You screwed yourself. You made Delve harder for yourselves. :slight_smile:

Lol Replicator… Replicating how many of his corpses I carry around in my Rorqual… This is what I do to guys like replicator…lol…

(Rhalina Sedai) #2

When Eve decides to move against Delve you will know about it. Other than that sit tight and wait the pain will come eventually.

(Tiddle Jr) #3

inb4 rorq km…

(Corsys) #4

You mean like last time? That never happened? lol… Go cower in your corner…

(Corsys) #5

Only KM with my Rorq, will have your names on it and your corpses added to my cargo hold.

(Tiddle Jr) #6

lol I’m not even part of your “one flaming man salted ground war”, but your chestbeating will attracts someone able to do that.
wish you a good luck as well as your headhunters, fair play® :sunglasses:

(CCP Falcon) #7

(CCP Falcon) #8

If you love the guy so much, send him an EVEmail to let him know, rather than polluting the forums with trash. :slight_smile: