Reps to combatant in HS?

I was under the impression that you could not rep a combatant in HS without getting some kind of timer or flag or being attackable by the other combatant (the combatant fighting the guy you are repping).

Assuming that is correct (and correct me if I am wrong), I thought of some situations. What if you are already repping some guy - for instance he’s in a mission or an incursion or something, getting shot by NPCs. Some guy warps in and attacks him, but you are repping him. What happens then?

Similar circumstance - you are his logi. You are in an incursion. You lock him and are moving your finger down to hit ‘rep.’ A split second before your finger hits, some guy attacks him, and THEN your finger hits the rep key, before you could even have reacted otherwise. What happens then?

Also… does being in fleet together (or not) make any difference to your answers?

if your safety is green and your repping someone and they go suspect, your reps will shut down. Not sure about limited engagements. If your repping someone and they are attacked the person who attacked them would go criminal and get concorded. Unless your repping someone who is activly at war, then you make yourself a target by repping them.

Basically, you are saying if you are set to green and are already repping, the repping will stop and nothing negative will happen to you. And if you are set to green and you are about to click ‘rep’ and the guy is attacked just before you rep, it won’t rep because your safety is green, so again no negative consequences.

Being in a fleet changes nothing. If you are in the same corp, then only a limited engagement timer with the attacker applies (there is no suspect flag) and you can rep with a green safety. You will have to change your safety setting to yellow or red to continue reps if you are in different corps.

This was (is) a point of contention with alliance members. Should an alliance member be allowed to rep under a green safety? Currently I don’t think so.

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Not quite right.
If you are in a corp at war, and attack/are attacked by a war target no LE flag is created.
Therefore your corp members can rep you without going suspect.

If you are in a LE, i.e. a duel, even your corp members will go suspect when they rep you.

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My understanding was limited engagements do not give suspect flag they just create a new limited engagement with the logi interloper making it legal for the opposition in the duel to attack the logi which would then create a limited engagement where the logi could then shoot the opposition. The part I am unsure of was if your already repping and they start a duel without you knowing, does it drag you into it.

LE’s give a suspect flag, they don’t draw you into the LE.
As for if someone starts a duel, depends on your safety setting.

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Yes that is true. Anyone assisting someone with a limited engagement will get a suspect timer. Updated this year. Am I wrong in remembering that it used to just cascade the LE instead of doing suspect flag?

Pre Crimewatch 2.0 it used to do a super unpredictable cascade. Which was super exploitable because you could create a ten step long chain which meant them shooting some guy who just stole from their jetcan suddenly made them shootable by the entire goonswarm alliance for example.

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Oh ok. I remember feeling a bit uncomfortable about LEs being spread like AIDs.

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