Republic Fleet Redesign

I really think there should be an artillery line in the republic fleet lineup. Save for the hurricane fleet issue, there is no real artillery platform in the republic fleet lineup. Which seems silly the Republic fleet line has few ships that lend well or at least better than their T1 counterpart in fleet combat. Something like the Exequror Navy Issue is something I’d love to see in the matari republic fleet.

a dedicated gun boats with no utility highs, high volley, balanced mid low layout and good speed.

for example give the Stabber Fleet Issue 10 damage per level instead of RoF 7.5 tracking per level and a 5/5/5 slot layout. this would give the Matari a cruiser sized artillery platform they sorely lack. (The rupture and Munnin are in a sad state and the broadsword is a HIC)

The hurricane fleet is brilliant as is and probably my favorite ship in the game at the moment, although I wouldn’t mind sending its
utility highs to the mids keep up the theme of a dedicated gun boat.

Give Tempest Fleet Issue the same 10 damage and 7.5 tracking per level. this would make it a better sniper than the Maelstrom which is bonused out to be a an active shield tanked brawler anyway. and would give it an advantage beyond fitting over the basic T1 tempest which currently does the same volley but with better gun DPS.

Or making it an 8 gun monstrosity with 5% damage per level giving it the title of the highest alpha obtainable by a subcap.

Minmatar as a theme is utility highslots.

Also, have you looked at the Tornado?

Pretty sure most Min ships can make some decent Arty load outs.
The problem with Min is not that they can’t use Arty, it’s that Arty often ends up lacking, especially in the medium sizes.

Whilst alpha is a big deal for arties, it isn’t everything. Tracking and rof are also very important.

Both the firetail and the stabber fleet issue are effective with arties. And the best part of the sfi is its tracking bonus (which is 10% per level).

I agree with the ruppy and munnin being underpowered but the fleet line is fine and the t1 tempest was given a straight buff of a rof bonus.

Hopefully the rupture will get looked at with the alpha rebalance. The double damage bonus suffers when capped at level4.

Few Matari ships have good bonuses for arty and if they do they’ll have some other retarded drawback (Looking at you 3 mid Munnin) or straight up cannot fit them i.e. stabber or a stabber fleet with 3 ACRs and the bonuses suck

pretty much your options for arty is the Jag, Thrasher kinda, Sir 3 mid Munnin and the braodsword which is a HIC, admitiently pretty much all the hurricane hulls, tornado which gets auto cannon based bonuses, and the maelstrom which is bonused for active tank brawling but still better for arties than the tempest.

RoF bonuses are often wasted on arty ships, especially when the idea is to one volley ships off the grid.

The arty stabber used to be decent, now it’s pretty much a basic rail thorax just worse in pretty much every way.

Putting everything into pure alpha can lead to overkill and THAT is waste. Rof allows you to move to new targets quicker or get a second shot in before a target has repped up. It is not a waste…like at all. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If absolutely necessary sure, although i like the idea of dedicated artillery gunboats in the republic fleet lineup.

anyway yes I absolutely love the tornado.

Which as much raw buffer there is in the game right now, that is rare or happens in situations where there are in excess 30 pilots realistically due to losses form tracking, falloff, and long range ammo.

Yeah you can traversal match cruisers with hilarious results but even they average around 30-40ehp the most volley you can crank out is about 15k assuming perfect application. and this is a part where RoF actually can get in the way is you’ll often end up holding your fire will you’re within traverse more volley allows you to capitalize more with good piloting.

Which is why tracking is important and you shouldn’t take it off the fleet stabber.:man_facepalming:

Whatever. You’re clearly terribad and clearly not gonna listen. Am out.

I never said anything about removing the tracking bonus, RoF for damage.

Lets give CCP some time, right now they are focusing the most famous usage between Alphas and Omegas, I am sure the other ships will come along for balance. If they do not get tweaked, they’re fine.

Entirely dependent on fleet size.

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