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Hello, I wanted to buy extraction lasers, but couldn’t unlock them. So I tried to look for an improvement in the skills to have more, but I did not find anything can you explain to me how I can unlock more laser extraction?

Sorry, my game is in french.

lets see, if you look under the laser you’ll see 3 icons… a book, an atom, and a computer chip. they are all blue, which means you are skilled to use them. “there are 4 lights” i mean there are 4 lasers in your system to buy at 50k isk each.

Your ship that you are trying to put them on, has what are called “hardpoints” meaning only a certain amount of high slots, can be used for turrets/lasers. The other high slots are utility slots for like drone nav etc.

You cannot add more turret hardpoints.

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Yes, I already know that but I only have the lasers you see on the screen and I would like stronger lasers. But I have nothing else in lasers to buy.

not sure i am understanding your question, but if you are talking about strip miners and the crystals to use them you need to train the reprocessing skill for each ore type. training up to lvl 4 lets you use tech 2 mods for increased yields

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Train Mining to IV, and you’ll get access to the T2 variant Miner II.

it only does 10m3 more than the one you are using now.

if you click on the information bubble (i), you can then click on variantes to see what the different types of mods are.

The following link will tell you what skills unlock what equipment. Alternatively, you can open up an item’s information window, and then click on the requirements tab in order to see all required skills. You can also open up the information window for a skill, and click on the “required for” tab to see everything that that skill level unlocks.

Also note that you have your market settings set to only show items available within your station, system, or region. In the market window, click the gear icon next to the search box, and and uncheck “show only available” to see all items in the game. Depending on your settings, this will show you other items that area available in your region that you weren’t seeing.

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