Require a Fleet for Capitals to Move

Require X number of ships in the fleet.

X could vary based on ship type.

Including freighters because lets face it most the freighter ganks complained about would not have occurred if the ship had escorts.


I already fill my fleet with my own alts if I were moving my own Capitals in order to light my own Cynos, so this wouldn’t matter to me.

If you’re gonna require some dumb amount, like 50 people, then my alliance would just set up a massive Capital moving fleet that people would join together. It would effectively ruin small and medium sized corporations and alliances if they can’t hit the minimum number of people in fleet. Larger alliances wouldn’t be impacted at all.

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Require capital ownership before allowed to make suggestions.


I think it would be super if a station could move with a large fleet.

Battles could be like a bunker in the rear.

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