Require a Fleet with X Members to Move a Capital Ship

…including industrials.

It wont hurt to throw a bit more meat on that idea…

Why? What for?

From a lore standpoint, you just don’t send your capitals out solo, they have escorts.

From a game standpoint, many of the “issues” we have come from players false expectations that ship progression is linear and capitals are automatically the ultimate solo mobile.

Then when it doesn’t work that way we get a constant barrage of changes to make something work that shouldn’t in the first place.

The recent changes were a start.

From the factions’ fleets standpoint, yes. They are operated by humans, have a chain of command and need support. Capsuleers are different and are free to do what they want.

While I will gladly remind players at almost any opportunity that they should not fly capital ships solo, I feel like forcing that as a requirement would be excessive.

(Also, I’d just like to point out that X already equals 2 if you’re using a jump drive to a non-fixed location.)


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Make it so fighters have to be controlled by a player each.

You should see his responses to my posts. What a joke!

Progression = linear

Ship tree = bigger is better

It’s the wrong kind of balancing that has distorted this trend and I want it back!

More like -2

That is not true. Battleships are terrible at scouting and initial tackling. So every size has its strong and weak areas of use.


I know, I know. I may seem like a slavering fanboi, but I’m not against calling out BS when I see it.


I expected better trolling from you, Salt. As it stands this thread is just meager disappointment.

So my thread gets closed and this one gets to stay open?

How is that even fair?

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