Requirement For Talwar Arkombine Arisen SKIN In Vanguard Playtest A Typo?

I came across the latest email regarding the EVE Vanguard playtest and immediately clicked on the provided link. I have a query regarding the Talwar Arkombine Arisen SKIN.

Collecting 2,000 units of biomass will earn players the Talwar Arkombine Arisen SKIN, but keep in mind that your progress will be void if you attempt to collect biomass by shooting one of your squadmates.

Is this a typographical error? Are you required to gather 2,000 units of biomass, with each player or NPC dropping 1 biomass each, or is it based on the assumption that each biomass is equivalent to 25%? This implies that you need to achieve 2,000 kills within 4 days or 4 kills to reach 100% biomass, thus necessitating 8,000 kills in total within the given timeframe. Unless you are playing continuously throughout the day, accomplishing this task would be unattainable.

You tend to pick up biomass 25 at a time, 100 biomass for an extra clone to bring back a squad member. getting 2k should not be that difficult.

The key factor here is the wording, in my opinion. The outcome hinges on CCP’s interpretation. If you gather 25 units of biomass for each elimination, you would need just 80 kills.

To acquire both skins, a squad must accumulate a total of 50 kills for the first skin and then an additional 80 kills for the second, resulting in a requirement of 130 kills in total.

You can earn more if the player had more on them, or you find more in a crate. 25 is the minimum. At worst you will need 30 extra kills (assuming all non-turret), less if more drops or you come across a cache of biomass from the bowhead.