Research Injectors sold from NES store

My suggestion actually allows you the oppertunity to ‘work’ to get the time it takes to research a BPO down by doing something in game and using that ISK to buy research injectors to reduce the research time of a BPO (assuming you bought the research injectors off the market). Under the current model there is no significant way to ‘work down’ the time it takes to research BPOs.

To be honest the reason i suggested that these items be bought from the NES store was firstly and most importantly to give CCP yet another revenue stream. The second reason was that i wanted everyone to have access to them, via the market place or if they preferred to spend real world money then going that route instead.

Added after original post: I forgot another important reason i chose this method of solution over other options and that is that it at least partially protects the investment veteran players have in their BPOs, since it takes either a considerable amount of ISK or real world money to devalue fully researched BPOs similar to the moderated devaluation of veteran SP values is done using skill injectors.

Patience has always been rewarded in this game. I like it that way. And yes, I liked it that way when I started playing too. Throwing that out seems like a major step in the wrong direction.


CCP put skill extractors into the game and the net effect has been significant but not game breaking. It has, as i mentioned in my post, been brought to my attention that someone that was space-rich did in fact use skill injectors to learn every skill in EVE. Someone (could / may have) done so using real world money as well, i dont know if this has occurred.

To be clear im one of the ‘everybody elses’ that cannot skill into all possible skills using skill injectors as im neither space-rich nor willing to spend that much real world money to simply become an SP champion but as i said i like the skill injector concept despite its caveats which in my opinion have not harmed the game as much as skill injectors have helped the game and i believe my idea will have a similar beneficial impact and have the same caveats and not be game breaking either.

nah, i just wasn’t gonna be original to tell you where your idea lacks. feel free to wardec elitatwo if ya want, he ain’t MY alt.

Give mah noaw and give mah all IS game breaking.

EVE used to be for bright cookies like me to make plans for far in the future that you have something to do when it all falls into place. This millennial “give mah noaw” is bad for mankind.
I promise you, you will be bored with EVE in 4 months and never return, while I will just make fun of you for being right and continue with the experience that comes with it.

Capital ships a big. So big that is will take a lot of time to get them done. If you cannot be satisfied within your 2-second attention span, EVE is not for you.

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Leave me alone dammit.

hey, your the one who just declared they have a 2-second attention span, now your asking for it.

… they might say “yes i will fuckface” but get distracted when they go to actually do it. :dealwithitparrot:

Eve is about the long game. If you want instant gratification, go skill inject yourself into a titan and go DD ratting in sanctums or something. Otherwise, fork out the time investment like everyone else has.

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It sounds like the only limiting factor here is isk, in which case it’s working as intended.

You have tried hard to make this about me but it isnt. I have the ISK resources to buy fully researched BPOs if i wanted to do that but that doesnt solve the problem. While adding research injectors will not fully erase the problem either, nor should they, they will help alleviate the situation to some degree without wholly erasing the value veterans have in their researched BPOs.

btw, you are wrong about all of the following with regards to whom you think i am in RL.

  1. Im not of millennial age.

  2. Ive been playing EVE for just short of 5 years.

  3. I only have a 1-sec…

I genuine do not care.

except carriers… because ■■■■ carriers right CCP?

Ok Cindy, the NES uses plex, Plex is sold by CCP, now there are those willing to buy PLEX in game and Especially OOG to simply make these things as expensive and profitable as possible…so right there your idea sucks because you are trying to add a P2W, how about no…they(others) and yourself can just suck it and work (put in “EFFOR”) just like every other industrialist worth their salt.

you are wrong, this method at all will devalue our BPO’s by spitting on the effort we have put into having a profession, cause once a BPO is 10/20 it stays that way an it would not be long before those not wanting to put in the effort or waiting time actually get into industry because they would be able to buy their way in…sod off.

To be clear, you need to figure it out then, either you want to be an industrialist or you dont, and being an industrialist takes planning, patience, and a total lack of “I want it now attitude”…Industry is a profession, a way of Life in EvE, you just dont get to be one for a day or two or a week…you dont deserve to be included in the ranks of Industrialist at this point gratification whore.

Then do it already and shut your hole, and there is no problem.

No. This is a completely needless feature. You can simply go and buy said BPOs that have been improved from those players who own them. That you are not willing to pay this price indicates that you want to take (at least part) of the value those players have created and not compensate them.

What and pay people for the time they have invested? Pfffft…what are you stupid? It is so much easier to simply pay a fraction of that cost and have CCP do it for you. /sarcasm

OMG…they want a profit? They want a return on the time they invested? Why that is completely outrageous!

Too the forums!!! Oh, wait were are already there. Maybe we should login and shoot a monument!!!

Meh, never mind.

This is another utter outrage!!!

Goddammit, I broke my exclamation key…I’ll use questions marks???

It really only boils down to:

No one puts the time into researching them, therefore they’re not going to happen. Injectors are different, because skillpoints don’t actually affect the game world directly. For the same reason people can buy clone tags to skip the time needed for increasing security status. Someone else puts the time into the grind, so it’s okay to be able to buy plex from cash, selling them for isk and buying tags from it.

That is all. This isn’t going to happen. Ask CCP. vOv

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I do not have alts and do not suffer from multiple-personality-disorder like some lesser life forms do.

there was a time when you could have said the same thing about selling SP

Or alphas getting pirate ships, T2 weapons and flying BS… people speak on behalf of CCP much too often on this forum.