Resource Wars Info Thread

Hi all,

Thought I’d start this thread to collate all the information that we’re learning in regards to Resource Wars (RW). Whilst the UI is pretty slick (nice one CCP) I though I’d share some things I’ve learnt so far:

The “Allowed Ships” info will only appear if you are in a ship that’s not eligible. In other words, if you are in a ship that the site allows then it won’t show.

You can’t complete the site by destroying the NPC’s until the spawns run out. You have to mine!

Sites are region race specific + ORE ships. i.e. if you are in Domain, you have to use Amarr ships + ORE ships (that are allowed according to the site’s “Allowed Ships” list).

According to CCP Turtlepower: “How fast you complete the site affects payout.”

You won’t get rewarded with less than 50% left on the timer but you can still warp in.

Hope this helps! Anyone know any more, add below.

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so you need to mine and shoot at the same time

Does this activity affect on faction standing? For example if run this event at Gallente regions (for Gallente corp F-S-M) and succeed - would my standing with Gallente increase and would my standing with Caldari decrease?

The only standing changes I can see are just to the Resource Wars corporations, no negatives, no derived, no faction.

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You definitely need to mine.

Only reason to shoot is if you’re dying.

In level 2’s you can definitely speed tank with at Prospect. Unsure on a Venture.

so its only for miners
oh i thought it was everyone


Well, you can take a combat vessel in and if you attack the pirate npc’s you will get the rewards for the site IF (and only if) someone else mines it successfully.

But yes, it is not really what was advertised in the Dev Blog.

Seems to be an occasional issue with the haulers cargo volume & the ore you load into it for some level 1 missions, I loaded it piecemeal as I mined next to it & it filled up to almost full (999.something m3) & then tells me it can’t fit any more of the ore :worried:

Then the timer then runs out & the mission is failed :slightly_frowning_face:

All worked fine the previous time I did one of the level 1 missions though :confused:


well thats a shame this one this was the only part of the patch that seemed like it could be of any interest to me

So, you definitely have to mine. at least in the l1 ‘limited’ ones, you can combat or not, doesn’t seem to matter. There are supposed to be bonuses for speed of completion. But haven’t gotten any bonuses for killing mobs. That said, my alt had a counter for number of mobs killed, so it may take a minimium number before you get credit. I took a combat ship to a couple, but the people in it didn’t mine or put it into the Orca, so we failed them, and I went back to the Venture.

I am pretty sure that you need to shoot down the NPC in the higher class RW sites. There are Vindicators and other BS and HAC and whatnot that will eat your mining drones and mining ships alive.


Not the best idea to limit the zones to just 3 ships…

well you need the standings for the factions
then you need to train racial ships
or travel to another part of the universe where you can fly the ships you use
and grind standings there
and then organise a group or whatever
are the rewards worth the effort

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well higher level zones allow more ships
but yeah seems more like an organised corp thing
rather than just warp in and shoot like an anomoly or something

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Corp Thing? 3 ship limit? Are you serious?

well i guess you can just flag down randoms in local
might not work too well in a quiet system

What venture fit do you use to run lvl1 solo?

For level one? use whatever you want.

An afterburner, a couple of extenders, two miners, a salvager, hobgoblins, no rigs & a mining upgrade was all I had, pretty basic stuff, all T1… if that works anything should.

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[Venture, Venture]
Mining Laser Upgrade II

1MN Afterburner II
Medium Shield Extender II
EM Ward Field II

Miner II
Miner II

Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Small Processor Overclocking Unit I

Hobgoblin II x2

Can take it into level 2’s as well if you want…with others too, of course.

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Thanks, just when bored. :wink:

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