Resource Wars Info Thread

(Anderson Geten) #101

This is not how it works, the isk cost (and contract cost, and moving cost) should be inside the formula :
isk/lp = (total benefit - total cost) / lp_qtty

(Friend of Bob) #102

To be clear, read the following.

I bought Merlin Pack for for 1.5m ISK and 1000 LP.

I then contracted same packs for 3.1M ISK each. Which returned my 1.5m ISK, my modest broker fees and netted me the LP profit of the balance, just north of 1.5m ISK, and dividing that number by 1000 LP gives me a LP profit of 1500 ISK each.

That’s how it’s always worked for me in general accounting…


Still having fun running the sites.

(Serylda Skor) #103

didnt want to make a thread for such a basic question but.

is there people doing these sites?

i wanted to try my luck in a limited site and that thing couldnt be solo’ed, if there’s no people around to do these, nor there’s a way to solo it then i dont see the point of getting started on this kind of PvE with such difficulty for entry.

(Markus Jameson) #104

I don’t do them but I tried them out when they first appeared, I was easily able to solo the small ones so I’m (honestly) confused to hear you’re having a problem?

(Serylda Skor) #105

i was using a simple testing venture fit because i thought the rats would be tame according to the sec lvl of the system (1.0).

turns out the site shoots my mining ship against Archangels that deal over 100 damage because aparently i wasnt heavily tanked.

i was expecting something similar to mission rats in terms of difficulty, these guys hit too hard.


the ship isnt fit for yield, it has 2 hardeners for EM/Thermal coverage (again, it was a test fit). DCU II and 3 shield extender rigs.

(Chan'aar) #106

Angels do Kin and Exp mostly try hardening against those

All the new PvE (null shipyards, hisec FOB’s and Resource Wars) uses CCP’s “new AI” npcs, they are much closer to player ships than to mission npcs.

(Takari) #107

This is what I’ve been using for the Minmatar Level 1 sites… Make sure you don’t let the mining laser run the full cycle. I stop them at just over halfway…

Also I’ve noticed that some level 1 sites have 4 rats in them instead of 2. Just leave those, the extra 2 rats don’t leave when the site is done so they’re some kind of spawn rather than mission rats…

You can swap most of the items for Meta versions… If you do meta miners you’ll have to determine where to cancel. The roids aren’t big enough to do the whole cycle and you want to save as much time as you can.

[Venture, Minmatar Resource War Lvl 1]
Damage Control II

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Limited Adaptive Invulnerability Field I
Medium Shield Extender II

Miner II
Miner II
[empty high slot]

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Core Defense Field Purger I
Small Processor Overclocking Unit I

Warrior II x2

(Friend of Bob) #108

Just adding to the Thread for those interested in higher levels.

Level 5 RW Caldari sites; 50k in 14 minutes.
I’ve been able to finish them with two Prospects fitted as below, but it just made it time wise. Three Prospects finishes the sites in just over 9 minutes. They pay 6m ISK each character along with the Worthless LP of 2000. Even though the LP is junk, the missions pay more than any other High Sec mining activity I’ve been able to do consistently. I’ve been able to do 4 per hour casually with travel.

Best fit for Care free Tank and Cap = Level’s 2 through 5

PROSPECT FIT (Fully Cap Stable)
EPS Mining Laser x 2 (Run half cycles, Better cap and range upto 16k)
5mn Cold - MicroWarp Drive (Must have to deal with Webs)
Thermal II Shield Amp x 1
Pithi A Small Shield Booster (The extra HP is needed 62m ISK, Gisti B didn’t provide enough tank)
Power Diag II x 3 (Needed for Cap Stable)
Damage Control II
Small CCC II Rig x 1
Small Kinetic II Shield Rig x 1

Orbit Site at 500 to 1000 (was needed, as sitting still would bring too much DPS) Never had to warp out (have run 20 + level 5 missions)

Level 2 = Solo no problem
Level 3 = Solo was very difficult, but doable.
Level 4 = Two Prospects was easy with 2 minutes to spare.
Level 5 = Two was doable, but barely. Three in under 10 minutes.

I didn’t see any bonuses on level 4 or 5 missions.

(Lupus Lazuli) #109

I’m new, just did my first try at Limited Minmatar Site. Standard Newbie Venture fit. EM screen rig extenders etc… Two Dramiels just shot at me for 5 minutes, drones I had barely scratched them. Some NPC Rifters showed up and pretty much did nothing, then I exploded.

Guess this isn’t for new players to have a go at. Or it is absolutely required to have a minimum number of players.

Have fun vets

(Black Pedro) #110

It’s suppose to be group content. It is specifically designed so new players and veteran players can team up together and run the content and not have reduced rewards for grouping up.

Ask around in the channel to try to find someone running it and you will have a more successful, and likely enjoyable time with Resource Wars.

(Zence) #111

You can solo limited sites very easily in a venture, just fit it with a small shield booster and use enough CC rigs to make it cap stable. Just throwing a medium extender on it won’t be enough to tank the entire mission. If you can afford it, use a Gisti - B

(Johan Steeley) #112

Well you are doing something wrong I can solo LVL 1 with over 7 minutes left on the clock (Silver rank) giving extra rewards.

UNDATE: To add something constructive to my reply I have a feeling you may be letting you laser complete their cycles? One “mining laser I” will deplete one roid in half a cycle give or take. So if you focus two lasers on one roid deactivate after 10-15 seconds and move one (The roids deplete very fast and only hold about 800-1000 units give or take).

(Johan Steeley) #113

[Procurer, *Agency lvl3]
Mining Laser Upgrade I
Mining Laser Upgrade I

Thermal Dissipation Field II
Kinetic Deflection Field II
CZ-4 Compact Gravimetric ECM
10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner

Strip Miner I
Strip Miner I

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

Hobgoblin II x5
Hornet EC-300 x5

Can solo lvl. 3 with this fit just send ECM drones to NPCs who lock you or try to jam/web. After time they will drop target lock and leave you alone. If you have to use direct ECM (CZ-4 Compact Gravimetric ECM) and just focus on mining and filling haulers.

With both strip miners active it will deplete most of the asteroids within 5-8 seconds so I usually count to 6 or 7 then deactivate and move one to the next roid. Each roid only hold 800–1000 units give or take a few on each end of the range.

If you plan your path well and keep moving you should be able to complete with 2+ minutes on the clock.

NOTE: If the haulers are spread out don’t get all 30K before deposit, work your way towards one hauler right away while working on your first 10K once you arrive you should be close if not past 10K. If you do this you will get a good head start. First time I tried to get all 30K and burn to the haulers, unfortunately I failed by about 10 seconds or less.

Good Luck!

(DeMichael Crimson) #115

Well, after reading this thread I gotta say I’m very disappointed with CCP’s event development team and greatly disillusioned with this event.

Basically just reinforces my reluctance to log into the game.


(Chan'aar) #116

I don’t think Resource Wars came from the event team. I believe the event team (CCP_Dragon @ co) do things like the Rogue Swarm. I think RW came from Team Genesis.

However if we look at some of the recent PvE additions to Eve

  • NPC Mining Teams
  • Resource Wars
  • Pirate Forward Operating Bases

Then I agree with you that these have all been disappointing. My guess will also be that when CCP look at the numbers of people engaging with them they will be disappointed as well. I bet they will never admit it though OR show any sorts of statistic’s about the use of these things.

(DeMichael Crimson) #117

Well, it doesn’t matter what team name is associated with it, in the end it’s still CCP development team.

More than likely CCP will definitely show some sort of favorable statistic’s to justify it, something like “Our studies show that X amount of players engaged in RW’s so we’ve decided to continue implementing this type of game content”.

One thing is for sure, they won’t show how many players actually started verses how many players actually completed it.

(Siegfried Tahl) #118

Tried those new activities.

  • NPC mining fleets. My opinion is there are to many of them. Some systems just crawling with them, 4-5 fleets across 3-4 belts. Running them is somewhat fun and entertaining. If you know what to do its super safe, like old PVE, missions and anoms etc. Rewards are nothing big… now. Skins were valuable at some point, now they aren’t. Drone BPCs prices dropped during last event and are super rare drop. Mining upgrades are super rare too. But hey, its highsec activity, so its ok.

  • FOBs. I only farm pirate mining fleets, they spawn in FOB systems. Pirate skins were valuable at first. Now its almost the same as regular NPC miners. The FOBs themselves are fleet content. Dedicated veteran player fleet content.

  • Resource Wars. Tried Limited, Minor and Standard. Not big fan of mining, but race against the timer and lots of micromanagement is entertaining and fun. Rewards are plain stupid. LP store is a scam.

(Anderson Geten) #119

just saying, the lp store would be way better if the fight ship reward had lower volume.
455 000 m³ is just “WTF ?”. The packaged content uses much less. So moving those is a pain.

make them use tenth of the packaged content volume . eg 5000 m³. Then you have interesting item because you can move quickly a battleship.

The barge packages are better in that regard (200 m³)

(Atomeon) #121

I m not sure if its an event or something permanent. Need confirmation on this.

(Chaka Chakalaka) #122

Dear Capsuleers,

it’s permanent and meant to be played in groups, though you can also solo at least lvl1, 2 and 3.
Yield is not the thing needed.
It’s tank and speed.
and most of all:
Do not shoot back. Do not use your drones, except there are normal belt rats appearing. Control your drones to shoot the belt rats only and put them in again, when the belt rats are history :slight_smile:

Always keep moving. The flags with the numbers are celestials you can orbit at 500m.

When it happens, that your shield gets under 25%, burn out to open space. Do not warp out. At 30km turn back and continue.
Aggro will change to blue ships.

Use EP-S miners in a Venture, so you have more power for a medium shield extender and a civilian or similar shield booster.
In many cases, the EP-S can reach stones in 15km so you may reach neighbour asteroids… According to your skills, you may stop the miners after 40-60% of the cycle and activate them on another roid. You may notice that the roid are empty then and explode.

In some bad moments when I was near such an explosion, it seemed that I lost some shield, when I was not moving at this moment.

Use the booster only for max, 4 or 5 cycles until you get the cap alarm around 30%. It’s only for some support for loading the shields a bit faster…

Have a look in the chat channel “DEU RW”, where you can find three fits as a hint. The fits are not up-to-date, but may give noobies an idea.
The Venture fit can be played by noobs and alphas to solo at least lvl1 and 2.

I saw many EVE veterans dying in lvl1 because they used their own experienced fits and they were fighting the reds… :slight_smile:

Have fun