Restraining orders balancing the scale with Griefers

So something we have been kicking around in chat lately is seeing if CCP might institute a restraining order of some kind. A little back story.

Bumping is a mechanic that at one point was useful, then came the bumpers. Nothing wrong with that, however, some if not many of these bumpers have become super trolls and there is next to zero defense against them. Namely Kalorned and his hundred of farmed characters, who are used for all types of nefarious reasons such as email assaults, manipulations, and stuff that is so borderline to CCP policy clash that it makes the brain burn. Simply, put, super trolls. The people like Kalorned and his friends actually, grief to the point that people leave the game never to return again. That is not what the players want nor is it in the best interest of EVE or CCP to lose player base. So rather then neut players like Kalorned and friends, I would suggest creating a restraining order program. This would essentially create a new dynamic for those who play the game and are constantly grieved. It has a lot of potential and most of these characters stay out of corps and war dec has little meaning to them. The people are left to figure what to do with those that have no consequences.

CCP and others could come up with all types of great dynamics. However, I feel that is should be important to make it difficult to use a restraining order to greif, but not impossible. So I will outline the things that a restraining order should do.

A restraining order should make the restrained an active target to the person that initiated it in their home system.

The restraining order should be cost prohibitive to dissuade misuse of the order.

The restraining order should have a waiting period of 4 hours so people can’t just go out and blap others as legal targets.

A restraining order should be between two people and thus fills the void between legal target and war dec.

If in the home system and the restrained approached within 100km of the restrainees home. It would be a concordable or legal target for everyone. Other wise remains only a legal target to the person initiating the order.

When making a restraining order, the same would apply in reverse to the person who initiated the order and they themselves would become a target to the other.

If two people live in the same system, they would both simply be targets to each other.

There are all types of mechanics that could be instituted. Some good and some bad.

However, what really is an awesome thought about this, is that there would be a way to get some retribution from players that take advantage of the mechanics. There would be ships lost and the isk grind would start all over again. One thing would be changed is that not all the power would be on the griefers side.


Show me on the doll, where the Machariel touched you…


Well looking at your KB…

I suddenly know why. Funny how selfish these request are.


Bumping isn’t going to go away. Besides being used to annoy players, it’s the only defense we have (besides outright ganking) against mining bot fleets.

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To elaborate, if you find yourself the victim of constraint “grief” or trolling, then figure out how to not be the victim. I know it sounds unreasonable or impossible, but that is the nature of Eve Online - adapt or die. Learn how to improve your position in the food chain.

CCP isn’t and shouldn’t be the fixer of all your problems. That is up to you. Hope you take this and find joy in improving.


^ This.

For example, if you mine ice in my home system AFK, you’re going to get punted into the next dimension. You don’t want to get punted out of the ice belt at a high rate of speed? Then orbit or pay attention.


I would also need to point out that griefing (Although people seem to use this term for anything these days) is not allowed according to CCP own rules. So if you are being grief constantly and excessively then report it.

If you leave the system you are being so called griefed in and people follow you to do the same thing constantly then yes… report. But getting killed during wars… yeah no.


Exactly why I put it in quotes.

To go further… if you find yourself in a position similar to the OP, try to figure out what you are or aren’t doing. No one starts playing this game knowing everything, as it’s a huge learning process. That process starts with you seeking knowledge from the right sources. If you are open to slight criticism and maybe a dose of harsh reality, then you will fine there are people that can offer advice.

If you act like a :poop: then you’ll just get mocked and laughed at.

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The way CCP has spoken about that would be like if you follow that person over multiple regions after the victim has made a reasonable effort to relocate himself.

Restraining orders are just another way of saying “I love you”…


Reported for the baseless accusations against Kalorned.


I don’t get who gets to decide where “home” is. Why should you be able to take out a restraining order against another player who might also be in their home? Further, you already have free CONCORD protection, access to ships and modules that make you immune to bumping, the ability to opt out of wars, and a strict anti-griefing policy that doesn’t allow another player to follow you around just to screw with you. I don’t see what this idea adds other than a tool which will be used to harass other players not looking to fight.

Fight him or move. It’s sort of the point of the game.


Hello Op

Did you try to negotiate and acquire mining permits to legalize your mining operations in our territory? Maybe that will stop the bumps.

They are only 10mil ISK per person. I guess the best thing would be to get permits for the whole alliance of >3000 people, so they no longer have to feel helpless against a single bumper.


If you join a large null sec alliance you are going to be a magnet for war decs. Usually this is ok since you should be out in secure null sec space.

However when you stay in Hisec and have joined a major Null alliance, this is a big mistake, since that corp will get war dec spammed and there are plenty of war dec spammers like Marmites that just sit in HIsec with a bunch of people to individually target people who go to Hisec who are supposed to live in Null.

So in conclusion if you join a large Null alliance, move there, because if your intent is to not move there, then just quit the alliance, since they probably aren’t doing anything to help you in Hisec anyways. No Null group is going to make you safe in Hisec and probably will make you much less safe from wardec spam.

Learn how to play the F game!


OP you realize that to grief all of Eve with your mechanic is this.

I make a list of any freighter pilot, orca pilot or large ship pilot coming through any pipe, trade hub, ice belt, etc. I purchase one of your “restraining orders” for each of these individuals. Instantly I will shoot and kill every freighter, jump frieghter, orca, bowhead or anything they fly within that system for free at ALL times of the day or night. And so would everyone else Ive ever known in this game.

This would come back to bite you so badly its not even funny. Bad ideas are just that bad ideas.


^^ TL;DR

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

I retract what I told the op… lets implement what the OP wants.


If you leave the game cause you were trolled by a space nerd on a game with pixels then you need a new Set, Or simply Don’t Put up with their shite.

Two kinds of Eve players: those who get blown up, reship and adapt, and those who head to the forum to suggest rule changes to protect them. Much like RL.

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