Retirement from space 2020/2021

To those that do and don’t know me,

Since 2003 I have played Eve Online and payed my dues in which I founded the UK Corp about a year after I started.

Over the following years I have helped players but I mainly mined and manufactured items from the small tech items to the bigger freighters.

Selling the items around the systems near Hek, so you may have even purchased items from me or I have purchased from you. Then again you may have even found a ship I dumped in space at Christmas times.

Well its time I start to retire from space due to the way the game has gone and poor health. Also with the policy not to allow macro’s I find it harder and harder to user the mouse and keyboard to continue to playing EVE Online.

So over the next year I may be dumping a percentage of stuff in space to be found or not to be found.

Happy treasure hunting (If I do dump anything I post it in local.)

Drake Dragon
Born 2003.08.08 - Retiring 2020/2021
Founder of UK Corp ( 2004.09.18 )
Skill Points at this time of writing 407,472,263
Wealth (private)


Now this is how you do an “I’m quitting Eve” post. :point_up: :+1:


Thank you for years of investment in the EVE community. I hope you find other enjoyable activities to occupy your free time, and that your health stabilizes to give you many years of enjoyment.



@Drake_Dragon i suggest using a twitch streamer for more effect and some secure password cans and/or ships dropped in space and/or mass drops events … maybe a found raiseig for your health.

Games like that … i have lots of ideas :slight_smile:

This means everyone can have your stuff. :smiley:

Good luck IRL! o7

OP, CCP does allow macros. What they don’t allow is automation.

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Enjoy your retirement OP. What are your next plans?

All the best, sad to see you cant enjoy the game because of your health, comeon ccp help the guy out.

Fair winds and following seas, friend.

Impressive stats, sad to see you go…

May you have much success in all your future ventures…


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Hi all,

Thank you for the replies so far.

Any way I have dumped approx 200mil isk so far in Altrinur. Some players have kindly informed me they have found the items, so I thank them for that. Happy hunting.


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You will be back

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Oh, the post been moved to OOPE,
Anyway update on in game drops.
Just to let you know I have now dumped another 126mil isk of items in a spaceship (inc vaule of ship) in game.

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Hi all,
Just an update, I have dumped approx a billion worth of ships in space so far and some have/had BPC in.

At some point in the future one will have a copy of a feighter BP and the BPC of the items required to build it. So keep an eye out for me in local, as I will post in local when I dump a ship or items.



HI All,

Well I would like to say thank you to CCP for proving me right that after 17 years of paid subs it is time to retire. Earlier than I expected but partly due to the new patch and my hand are getting worse, I’m having to write this using a speech to text program.

Therefore I would not be able to defend myself in low or null sec let alone defend against gankers in high sec while mining the minerals I need to manufacture using speech to text so it is time to bail out.

My characters will not be destroyed by me but live on as alpha’s once the subs on them run out. With the odd occasion to log on just to look at what I once enjoyed and played at times for 8 hours a day.

In the next week or so I will go to my starting system and drop a load of ships with/without blue prints in and one will contain a Fenrir blue print copy with the blue print copies to help manufacturer it at least lvl 9 ML and PT.

So look out for ships in my starter area named Drake Dragon Retires.



A hero’s funeral for you.

Fare well.

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Sad to hear that.

Wish you the best of luck.


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Fare thee well @Drake_Dragon
Thanks for being part of our game world for so long.
Fair winds and following seas, friend!

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Much love, I’ll hold on to these gifts as long as I can