Retribution (Angel Cartel) Lvl 3 Mission

Hi folks. Just taking a stab here. There’s a lvl 3 mission with the above title where the goal is to destroy an angel outpost. There are 4 groups of rats and the outpost to destroy. I understand the outpost is camouflaged somehow but I just can not find the damn thing. I’ve flown around the entire area several times. Can anyone tell me how to find the outpost? Thanks,

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No Special Instructions here -

perhaps you need large collidable objects on in overview?

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Eve Survival has about the same info listed. The structure should be located on-grid, probably in the center with the 4 rat packs situated around it.

Anyway, I have an Overview tab with ‘Everything’ selected just for situations like that.

Angel Cartel!?

Doubtless you’ve settled it one way or the other by now, but for the record, the outpost is below the armory in almost a straight line – memory says it’s slightly above the lowest shield gen, but not as sure of that.
It will show up as ‘outpost’ once you’ve opened up your overview.

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Thank you for the help.

LOL, I didn’t have my overview settings set correctly to see it. I appreciate the assistance. Still learning new things about this game all the time. That’s why I enjoy it so much I guess.


In the future, if you have this problem again, under the mission objectives where it might say “You need to destroy the outpost”…the object you need to destroy or access is usually highlighted. You can just right click that and lock/approach/add object to overview…whatever.

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