Return or stay out?

I have been out for four years as of this month. I am considering returning. From a player standpoint, what improvements have been made that might tip the scale in favor of a return?

Taste being subjective, just grab an Alpha character and find out?


It depends what you consider an improvement. For some people, ESS/Dynamic Bounty Modifiers in Null is an improvement (less nullbot farming), some hate it (if you farmed null).

Citadel nerfage and Asset safety removal on abandoned’s is great for some, reason for leaving for others.

Trade and tax changes mean easier listing for some, game breaker for others. Scarcity and industry changes made some people richer and other people quit.

So it just depends, are you the kind of person that sees the glass as half full? Or the kind that sees the glass is in fact half full, but contains a yellow liquid that isn’t the lemonade you expected?


Try the game out and determine for yourself?

Hours of EVE Youtube/Streaming Of course patchnotes.

This is the worst place to ask. Go ask a close friend or someone you know with EVE experience. What can you lose? Your time? No $$$ needed to play EVE.

I think it would be helpful if you defined the area of EVE you wanted to return to. Your question is quite open ended/too general.

WH/NS/HS/PVE/PVP? Incursions? Indy? Explo? So much more.

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I truly don’t know… but there is a great Factional Warfare update comming soon that is very promising, it looks like CCP will do a good job in that. A lot of people are excited about it… it looks like that the borders of the factions will move accordingly how things go down in the battlefield!

Don’t pay for at least a couple of months. Then decide.


It’s the only way to form your own opinion.

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Be sure to return on the December 1st. We might be able to take a ship selfie out on the ice.

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