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So, I stopped playing EvE about 8 months ago, however, now I decided to come back. My old character is FW based, however, I am unable to participate in it because of some drawbacks that I have experienced a year ago, and it will take me a month of doing missions to come to the game. I also have about 200 million of material on him and 5 million skill points.

Should I continue playing with this character, in order to try and get back into FW, or create a new one? How much did FW change?

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You could start with explaining what those drawbacks are that you’ve encountered. Maybe there is help for you.

Other than this would I suggest you leave the character as is, don’t delete it and start with an alt. 5m SP may not be much, but I see no reason why you should deleted the character. You can just start with an alt and move anything useful over to the alt. Maybe one day you’ll have a use for the FW character again.

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If it’s a standings issue, you can join a corporation that will offset it for you and you won’t have to worry about the grind.

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Or make an alt, let him make a corp, that joins FW, join that corp and fly in FW happily ever after.

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FW is a little slow at the moment. But it is one of the most enjoyable gameplay experiences in EVE

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PVP is NEVER near any form of “enjoyment” at all…it’s pure stress nothing more…:slight_smile:
Stop posting fake news :stuck_out_tongue:

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