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Hi everyone, I used to play EVE when I was in uni, i have 2 characters in two separate accounts.
One is drone gallente 14.6M sp
and one is tengu caldari 14.5m sp

I didn’t sub since 2015, which one should i play in current version, for a better gaming experience?

Thank you !:rofl::rofl:

Neither. A lot has changed, try making use of an Alpha to get a feel for things. It’s a simple, cheap and disposable tool.


Depends entirely on what you want to do.

A T3 is all round more flexible by design.

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Both. If you have to decide for one, I’d go with the Gallente Drone Account for now. T3Cs have been changed/nerfed and you might need some time to get used to the new Tengu.

As always in EvE, the answer is: It Depends.

What do you like doing in game? If you don’t know yet, then @Zachri 's advice is sound. Use an Alpha account to decide what you like doing, and then you will be able to answer your own question about the characters.

You can still use either as alpha clones right now, just log in and fool around. If you need the tutorial again, create a new character on either account.

Right now, I’d say either account are halfway to the best ship in eve: the Gila. Essentially every event it is the best ship to take out. Your gallente char has the drone skills, your caldari char has the shield and missile skills. Both probably have decent cruiser skills (but caldari cruiser 5 is extra nice), so you’re almost there. Bonus: you can fly a very good Gila as an alpha clone!

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