Returning/ new player help

i’m a returning player but i never played that long before and i’m a bit lost now.
things that i’m looking for is:

  • were do i get recruited for corps?
  • were do i find fits?
  • i was i think working towards a vexor navy, now can someone help me get back on the way towards there?
    If you want to chat you can always hit me up on discord or ingame.

Hi there, welcome to eve.

For corps, you can join the English recruitment channel in-game, or look through the Corp recruitment section of the forums.

Fits are more difficult. You need to trial and error, or watch YouTube vids, look at the fits on zkillboard or ask corpmates.

Please dont beg for isk in this forums, it’s in bad taste. We help new players here with problems, but asking for isk is just something that a scammer would do. We have a market forums section if you want to ask for isk. But keep it out of the new player q&a section, thanks.


Thnx for the reply.
And i never begged for isk jut to clarify that!

i was i think working towards a vexor navy, now can someone help me get back on the way towards there?

This is about a fit I was working to in terms of items and skills. There was never a question about giving isk.

Eve University has a write up on every ship in the game along with the skills required and some basic fits.

You can also use the in-game ship tree to find the ship and open the info sheet. The requirement tab will show you the skills you need to sit in the ship. The mastery tab will show recommended support skills to fly it effectively along with the amount of time you’ll need to train the skills to achieve each mastery level.

i would train into a gila first, it’s fast and has more dps.

I am a fan of the Gila and fly one myself but, at 350 million ISK for a basic T2 fit, I think a new player should practice with something less expensive. My recommendation would be the Gnosis - a very capable ship currently selling for an incredibly low price.

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