Returning Pilot Questions

I am returning from a 2 year hiatus(May 2016ish?). Last I played Citadels were relatively new, and off grid links were still a thing but were close to the chopping block.

I’ve done some reading,
in game EFT( cool)
Off grid links gone and replaced with the new burst system.
Assault Frigate rebalance
HACs still TODO ?

Anything else pertinent in the last 2 years?
Solo/Small gang PVP still viable with the loss of off grid links?

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A lot has happened: Alpha clone state, T3 cruiser rebalance, Engineering Complexes, Refineries and moon mining overhaul are the big ticket items - more info at

Next patch is later this month not yet announced but probably March 20 - that one contains the HAC rebalance along with a lot of other stuff.

Playing field for links is level - both sides need to put their boosting ships on-grid. The new system means you can boost yourself if you’re flying a Command Ship, T3C, Command Destroyer ot T1 Battlecruiser.

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