Returning Player Command Ship Question

I’ve been out for a while, and am slowly making my way back. I haven’t purchased an Omega sub, so I can’t fly my good ships, yet. I do have a couple command ships I used to use in missions and I’ve noticed that the description says “can use two command burst modules”, but I’m noticing I had three fit the last time I played, and they 're still in place. Usually if there’s a change, the module will be offline. Maybe it looks OK because I can only simulate as an Alpha clone?

Does this version of EVE only allow you to use two now on the command cruisers?
Is there any ship that allows three, besides maybe an Orca or a capital ship?


You’ll need to fit a medium command processor I rig to online a third command burst. You can fit 2 of these rigs if you want and have 4 active command bursts too. And yup, orca, rorqual, and titans are the only ones that can fit 3 command bursts with no command rig afaik.

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Thank you very much. The game has changed quite a bit since I played last. Have a good weekend.

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For more information on the booster changes take a look at

Welcome back to Eve!

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Thanks for the link and the welcome.