Returning player from 2008, leaving after install

Maybe if you had paid £10 a month in 2015 rather than expecting Omega level skills for free, CCP wouldn’t need to be charging more now…eh.

Is there anything else you’d like handed to you free on a silver plate while people like myself subsidise your game ?

You are dense. Let me spell it out for you. EVE is a SUBSCRIPTION game. Meaning when you don’t keep up with your sub, you lose all gains. In the case of eve, you revert to alpha, which allows you to keep playong, unlike before there was alpha/omega if you dropped your sub you lost all access.

And let me also spell it out for you: when you rent a car, you have to return the car, but you do not return the visits to all of the destinations you made in it! For this demand to be honored, the customer would have to be hit upon the head repeatedly when they return the keys so that they forget, and this would be no different from being made to forget your mining barge skill at the EVE subscription’s expiry. Avoiding such needlessly punitive measures toward the customer would lead to much satisfaction, and make them part with their funds so much more willingly. After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, my sunglasses-wearing lollipop!