Returning Player LFC

Hello everyone!

I’m a returning player that last logged on almost 2 years ago.

I’m a U.S.A. based player, Central Time. I can play mostly on Friday evenings and then throughout the weekend. My faction is Amarr, and I work out of Aphend mostly (for mining). And just so you know, I’ve been burnt too many times by joining a corp and finding they’re 20 jumps away, then I go to all the trouble to move my stuff only to see the corp dissolving from inactivity. It’s a huge hassle.

I enjoy mining, mission running and some exploration with a dash of hauling thrown in. I’ve also got a PI set up that’s well established, making POS fuel (Oxygen, coolant, uranium and robotics) of which I’ll give the corporation 10% of the product for free as a donation (if needed) and the rest for a 10% discount off the lowest Amarr prices.

The things I don’t care for are PvP, and logging in and finding the entire corporation has logged off. This usually happens when I inadvertently get recruited into a corp that claims there’s always someone online, but really are not, and they’re mostly a euro or Austrailian corp, and they’ve all gone to bed.

Anyway, I hope to hear from some of you soon and perhaps… perhaps you’ll be the right fit.

Faithful Silence

Welcome back to EVE.

I’m Cephelange (Ceph - “Seff”), lead recruiter for Aegis Reforged. While we’re not necessarily a 100% match (just being upfront), you may like what we have to offer.

  • We’ve been around for just over a year, and are still going strong. Corp leadership is involved at the corp and alliance level.

  • We are involved primarily in PvP (I know, not your bag), but, also PvE (running combat sites), mining, and industrial activities. One of our corp leaders is very knowledgeable about the last two, and we have a core of folks that focus almost exclusively on mining and manufacturing. We also have some really good planets for PI, with buyback at both the corp and alliance level.

We’re based in the Immensea region of sovereignty nullsec. In many regards, it’s safer to mine there than in hi or lowsec.

There’s more details over on our recruiting post, so if what I’ve already written interests you, please check out the post for all details.

Regardless of where you wind up, I hope it’s the best fit for you. Happy hunting!

Hotdropoclock™ [USRK] has returned! We are looking to add both combat and industrial focused pilots to come be a part of the foundation being laid down. Hotdropoclock™ is an active PvP oriented corp residing in Vale of The Silent as part of the great :panda_face: Fraternity Alliance.

What we can offer:
:skull_and_crossbones: PVP & PVE combat content
:cat:‍:bust_in_silhouette: Specialization in Black Ops
:family: Relaxed atmosphere with a RL comes first mentality
:100: Experienced leadership & FCs
:man_factory_worker: Industrial and moon mining operations w/buyback program
:truck: Jump freighter services
:green_book: Newbro training
:flying_saucer: Ship replacement program
:money_with_wings: Thriving Null Sec Market

3m+ skill points preferred
Omega is a must
Must use Discord and Mumble for comms

In game recruitment: U.S.R.K Recuitment
Or message Lynusvan Pelt [discord:Tedruxpin#2305] or Lordsory Ownage [discord:Top#4970] in the game [discord] if you have any questions.

Join Discord :Purgatory Gaming Community
Zkillboard: hotdropoclock Enterprises | Corporation | zKillboard

Hi Faithful,

Welcome back to Eve.

If you are looking for a laid back group of players who like to work together to achieve big things in Eve, while hanging together on comms and having a laugh then 4S maybe for you.

Corporation History

4S is one of the oldest and most accomplished corporations in New Eden (19 years). Created in 2003, 4S was involved in early Alliance warfare as part of Fountain Alliance while independently establishing a reputation for effective anti-pirate fighting. Today 4S is one of the larger corporations within Goonswarm

What we provide:-

✪ Access to upgraded systems for best ratting opportunities in New Eden
✪ Corp & Alliance Ship Replacement Programs (Double SRP)
✪ Regular large and small scale PVP fleets
✪ Safest Null-Sec space to explore and make isk in
✪ Access to premium moons
✪ Access to biggest Null-Sec trade hub (0.0 Jita)
✪ Strong Industry Backbone
✪ Long time players with a vast knowledge of how the game works
✪ Corporation Discord (Very Active)

What we ask of you:-
✓ Participation & activity
✓ Minimum 5 million SP
✓ No characters less than 30 days old

Join our Discord and send us a message: 4S Gaming

Welcome back!
Come Check Us Out!
Join “STA’IN REC” channel ingame to learn more or just to chat!

STA’IN - 10+ Years Stain NPC Nullsec Residents.
-Living in Stain NPC Space.
-New Player friendly with years of experience in Corp.
-Relaxed Atmosphere with Daily Activity.
-PVP and Indy focused.
-Space for you to explore and play the game the way you want to.
-PVP Training, Moon Mining, Faction/Officer Spawns, Intact Plate Relics, Burner Sansha Missions, Triple your earning potential.
-Access to SOV in Esoteria
-Bi-weekly Fleet attendance required (CTA’s).
-Mostly Older Players.
-Life first, community focused.
-Relaxed PVE, Local Blue Coalition.

I look Forward to speaking with you!!

I’m still looking for a corp that fits me.

Remember, I’m U.S. based, Central time zone.
I’m hoping a corp will be based relatively close to Amarr.

We can chat, GriMM is USTZ, but we are not in amarr space but I am sure we can offer you what you need.

Faithful Silence Welcome back.

We are active, everyday, EU and US timezone. Freindly mature non toxic group. We have been building things here for nearly a year now.

We are looking for EU and US players to join us out in Stain, amazing PVE and PVP at every corner from solo/small gang up to big fleet fights with our coalition. Feel free to stop by our Discord if interested and please refer back to this post: STA'IN

oe you have a lot of options buddy :smiley:

Hey Mate,

Come Check us out

HELLO we are a laid back corp located in scalding pass join our discord
and see if we are a fit for you REPZ

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