Returning player looking for corp EUTZ


25mill SP returning player looking for a home.
Preferably i am looking for a corp that recently started or is still building.
Did some WH, NULL and High sec.

Also recently became a dad so I might not always be able to talk in comms when the little one is sleeping

Ethereal Morality Proud Member of the Initiative

✪ Chill Real Life Comes First Group of mature people


✪ PvP :skull_and_crossbones: oriented corp with PVE opportunities.

✪ Plenty of ISK making opportunities to fund PVP.

✪ Extensive Alliance infrastructure in place in space, With Alliance JF Services

✪ Experienced Corp Leadership and FC’s

✪ Friendly Members who are always willing to help

  • What We Require-
    ✪ At least one useful Alt (Cap Or Tackle)

✪ Minimum Age of 18 years old

✪ Omega Account

✪Must be self-sufficient in: Rating in 0.0, Mining, Exploring, etc… 5 FATs per month requirement

✪ Full ESI on All Characters

✪ No Drama

✪ Willingness to train into Alliance Doctrine Ships and Be part of the Team. We often enjoy playing other games together when not logged into EVE.

If you want to know more Join us on Discord

Greetings Den,

Congratulations on becoming a dad !
I have sent you an Eve mail.

we are a relaxt hisec corp whit some lowsec fw and some other bibs and bobs

plz take a look and lets have a chat

Hi there,

I think we may be just the Corp you are looking for. We’ve been rebuilding over the last few months and things are going great, but you have the chance to be part of shaping our shared future.

Come talk to us on our running with dogs community discord and let us tell you all about us, and don’t worry we can do text chat so we won’t disturb the little one.


If smaller tightknit groups in where everyone has a thing to say and you are familiar with null sec aspects and mechanics are a thing for you, we are eu/uk based and we are willing to have a chat with you.

This a bit about our group.


Old corp rebuilding…check us out!

Nakito Banner 4

Woo congrats on the copilot!
Best wishes to you.

While we are not a new corp, (and I mean that literally, we’re one of the oldest corps in game starting in 2003) we are howwever undergoing some changes and we are rebuilding from a small number.

Come check us out AIR is recruiting. Nullsec PvP and PvE with The Initiative

o7 bro

You should scope us out at War Eagle Fleet. We have about a 50/50 mix of US/EU and an excellent temperament toward Fun vs. Efficiency. Most of us have significant responsibilities outside of the game, including lots of dads, so real life always comes first.

Hit me up and let’s chat!
Discord: bostonpriest

If you are still looking for a active home please give our public channel and/or discord a check. We always have guys and gals around to answer questions or to help you get back into the game! In the mean time give our killboard and our forum post a check and see what we are all about. 20 years of game time has allowed us to build a strong healthy community.

//Stay Dangerous

Hey Den!

-RUDE is recruiting!

We are a small corp that started out some 6 months ago. We have some guys with families in corp who similarly sometimes can’t make it to fleet since RL takes priority, but noone is ever mad at that.

We live in Pochven, which is a target rich environment. We mostly do PvP oriented OBS Fleets, which means we get to shoot stuff while still earning ISK.
I have also recently started an interest group for Nanogangs!

Check us out on discord: Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly

G.H.0.S.T is a new corp of experienced pilots. We live in non-coalition null space and are recruiting pvp, pve, and industrial players. We are laid back, older, mature players who put RL first. There are not participation requirements which is great for a new father. The alliance has a nice EUTZ crowd and we have a couple of EUTZ players as well. Join our discord and we can talk more. G.H.0.S.T

Hi Den,

We are a casual but active corp part of an expanding alliance so we would make a good home for you. Based near Hek and most active EVE TZ is 1600-0000. More info on us here - ⛏ High Sec Mining Corporation - Seeking Miners and Industry Pilots - Spice Mining Defenders Corporation



Did you find a suitable place to call home?

If not, msg me in game for a chat.

We do PVP and are very dad friendly.

Good Evening

I am a CEO from a new founded corp.
we are EU Time Zone.
we are a mining / hauler / indy corp
we are a new player friendly corp and wanne play with poeple

and there is 1 absolute rule to game’s for me that is,

real life is 1
game’s are 2

so if jou wanne join we wil by happy to have jou

Good luck with the baby and with jou wife
i hope and wish jou a happy live

Gr Rein D Blood

Hi Den Draad,

Guns-R-Us Toy Company is the founding Corp for Weapons of Mass Production. We have a standing fleet and regularly go on PvP roams.


We are an alliance that recently took territory in Detorid with many quiet ratting systems. In addition there are many alliance moons and a full industry park. WOMP has bonused infrastructure to build everything including capitals. We are newbro friendly but do require a minimum of 30 days in game. We ask that our members have a mic and join in the defense of our systems. In Guns-R-Us real life always comes first so there is no mandatory fleet activity, but pvp is actively encouraged.

  • R64 moon mining

  • Ice Belts

  • A0 Anomalies - Isogen mining!

  • Alliance Industrial Park bonused for everything including capitals

  • Plenty of ratting space

  • PvP fleets with 100% SRP for Corp/Alliance fleets

  • Help in developing your isk making abilities

  • JF Service

  • Multiple competing buyback service

If you want to know more Join us on Discord

Boondocks Industrial: Bringing Business to the Boondocks!!

Our business plan is to Encourage and Inspire Business Opportunities in the many systems that lie at the end of the gravel roads of New Eden. Far from the noise and traffic of the Trade hubs. Where you wave at your neighbors as you pass, sit on your front porch, drink your coffee, read your paper and enjoy the fresh air. All without having to worry about 'bots mining your ore, or gankers knocking on your doors.

Boondocks Industrial is now hiring. We are looking for Mature Entrepreneurs with a background in Trade, Mining and Industry. Creativity, Inventiveness and the ability to think outside of the box. You must be willing to live and work in NPC Null. No experience necessary, we will train the right candidates. PvP experience is a plus, but not required. We will train you if you are interested. You will be required to participate in Alliance and Coalition fleets. We will train you. This is a great opportunity to live and work in a relative stable area of Null-Sec space without the SOV politics. Plenty of business opportunities for the cleaver thinker. For more information contact Umathyor Chelien or Abraham Solis. Or drop into I-BLU Public and ask for Uncle Uma. Bring your own calculator and coffee cup. We Love SpreadSheets!

Boondocks Industrial is part of the I-BLU Alliance and a member of the Syndicate Coalition.

Hi there m8

I think we might be a good option for you m8