Returning player looking for corporation (possible Gallente FW)

Hello all,

I’m a returning player from essentially ten years ago (23 million SP). Back then, this character was mostly involved with Gallente FW corps. I hadn’t really explored a lot of game systems back then, and there are many things I would like to try now: Exploration, Industry, Mining Ops, Nullsec roaming, and whatnot. I have also made an Omega alt for industrial and trading purposes, as that’s something I really want to learn about and get into.

I greatly enjoyed the Gallente militia, but I must admit it’s nice to be able to just raise my standings for now. FW has also changed a lot it seems, but I liked the small roams (and going into enemy highsec looking for targets for hit-and-runs). So I’m not sure if being in FW now would be great for me.

I’ve changed a lot over the years, as has my gaming time and real life responsibilities. I’m 34 now, EU timezone, and I can play occasionally but probably not as intense as some players can. I don’t mind using voice comms, but I don’t enjoy checking Discord very often, I find it difficult to find information on there, just seems like a chatbox to me.

Currently my two characters are based around Sinq Laison and Essence. Are there any corporations available that would be a good fit for me? I’d love to have a chat if you’re interested.

Thank you,

Good afternoon david
This might be an out of the way offer but i thought as a returning player you might be open to new pastures we are a wormhole corp based in a C5/C5 we engage in small to mid scale pvp on a daily basis and great ways to make isk through pve and gas huffing and pvp we would be glad to hear from you through our discord

I am also interested in galmil corps, specifically looking for daily suppression fleets

Hey David,

Happy to have you in HOCI if you would like to experience a very active Null Sec corp. We are always looking for active members that want to engage in PVP and PVE.

We have pretty much every structure setup to do anything in Null. We are also active in big and small fleets.

Would love to chat more in discord. Hit me up!

Delish Deltek

hey buddy

seems we can help you whit ure plans
greetings and salutations

You Are Welcome With us :grinning:

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