Returning Player Multiple Account Question

Guys, not played Eve properly for a couple of years started to miss it so returned a few months back due to IRL I couldnt continue, but when I last returned I had a problem with a constant “socket closed” error.

Back in the day this never used to be an issue and I havent moved house or changed ISP but I couldnt resolve the problem no matter if I rebooted the router every day.

The main question is before I resub on my accounts has this problem been fixed?

There’re way too many sources which can cause a “Socket Closed” (disconnect) and as such not something that will ever be completely “fixed”.

The easiest way to check is to login an account and try it out for a little while. Since your unsubbed accounts will be alpha status, you can still login to the game but not access all of the benefits from being subbed. That should let you know if you experience frequent disconnects still.

Thanks for the info guys didn’t know I could login with the alpha on multiple clients thought it would only allow one account to connect to the server until subbed.

Any work around if it still an issue?

You cannot log in multiple alpha at the same time.

I know I just checked =(

didnt think I could but wanted to give it a try. If the issue was resolved I wouldnt have a problem resubbing all the accounts, but it seems a little pricey to test out a theory.

I will probably check back in a few months to see if there has been anything that shows its been resolved.

Have you checked ?
The issue is quite often something else besides the server itself. The game is so old that some of the ways current games use to mitigate issues like this weren’t available back then.

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