Returning player question about jump clones

(Caldari Citizen 1669376871) #1

As title says, am wondering with the Citadel changes whether there are changes to JC access in Outposts?

Eg: come back after several years to find Outpost in null is now controlled by someone else - can a character still JC out to a different JC(in hisec for example), but still be able to JC back to the Outpost(like it used to work)? Or is that now up to access lists?

(Lulu Lunette) #2

You can jump to any clone no matter what. Just know that if you undocked,you might not be able to dock again.

Access lists are fordocking and undocking.

In like 99% sure :smile:

(Netan MalDoran) #3

You can still do it, but once theyre replaced with citadels you can just be locked out.