Returning player trying to find a alliance to run with. Omega miner

Online during UK (work) hours mostly. Looking for joined mining.

English, Dutch


Hey Marcius,

Looking for an alliance or corp? Heres a link to our alliance recruitment for small corps: New high-sec alliance looking for new/small corps - #32 by Ryan_Elich

We might fit your needs.

We have boosts, compression, moons, ORE missions and sometimes do mining ops for the best gas and ores. Shared sigs folder for gas miners. Mercox and arkonor everywhere. Spod/crokite/myko if you know where to look. We are at war so demand for resources is extremely high. We have an extremely competitive buyback program on ore, ice, gas and PI. And free hauling for compressed ores. I’ve plexed 42 times (oh god) and so can you!

Cherry Defense Systems