Returning Player - Venturing out to losec

Hi All,
I started playing Eve for a little bit in 2014 and have just come back to it.
To my surprise I had a drake in my hanger that I must have bought back in the day.
I am fairly comfortable with it in a PVE scenario but so far I have only been based in hisec.

My question is: How worried should I be taking the drake in to losec?
I have been out there in a Corax and I was targetted and followed around a few times.
So on a scale of 1 to 5, how much can I expect to be harassed in the drake?


he there

thats an easy question
you will get shot sooner or later
if you are lucky you have some time … if not you are done in a few mins …
it depends on the Low Sec you go … if it is mainly empty then its not a problem … if you have residents who dont care … all good … if you have “Bad Neighbours” you are done with your drake :wink:

sorry to say that


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