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o7 Eve Community. Wanted to share some insight and experience from a returning player. Obviously I am posting this from one of my alts, I didn’t fall off the back of the proverbial “turnip wagon” yesterday. As a player that dates back to “2006 ish”, I was fortunate to see great growth in the eve community and experience some really great events. It was not perfect, nor was it foul. It was a WIP with a concerted effort by the players. CSM, and CCP. I left in 2016. I left, not because of CCP, or other players. I left because I burnt myself out dealing with the minutiae that I had unwittingly created for myself by trying to master “the game”. You can’t master Eve, only sub-parts or niches. I re-subbed */- 60 days ago more out of curiosity than anything else. Overall, I am pleasantly surprised. It has been a real eye opener and a steep learning curve. Much has changed. From the “Trig monkeys” and the new ships, the skill by injection, and all the other re-balancing (that used to be a dirty word in Eve) efforts. Of all the changes that I was glad to see was; the elimination of WIS. I never understood the logic in that. What were you supposed to do in the Captains quarters? Watch paint dry on the wall? Anyway, Thanks Eve Community and CCP for keeping the faith and making Eve even better! (except the very annoying “pop-up reminders” I’m old, but I don’t require reminders…yet). Fly safe o7


Here here!

Death to WiS!

Welcome Back.

It still is a dirty word… with the players…

Some things you like, some things you don’t. :roll_eyes:

None of us are ever happy with the changes. Yet few better ideas come up in the forum. Just mostly whining/drama. Great reading! :smiley:

Actually I haven’t liked any rebalance pass that CCP has done.

What? You didn’t like blackout or did like blackout? Which is it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit; Crap, I forgot I like having small rigs for my frigs instead of large…

Guess you’re joking around…

Anyway I’d classify that as new content which was removed, not a rebalance pass. Like the loot scatter mechanic they implemented and then removed with Hacking cans.

Thank you! Fly Safe

I was joking, but I do have a frig with lg rigs.

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So do I…

Also a Destroyer and Cruiser…

Remnant’s of days gone by…

And they stay docked just for that reason… :wink:

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:rofl: At the rate we went through ships, I’m lucky to still have it!

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It is very hard to argue your point. I have always viewed Balancing from the aspect of “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. However; Broken can be a very “singular” viewpoint. What works for some, doesn’t always translate into working for all. For instance, I can recall a time when ganking in the pipeline to Jita escalated to the point that the forum posts were rife with very personal indignation from both sides I never could take a stand for the anti-ganking voices despite never engaging in that form of game-play. I always viewed the gankers as a challenge to overcome. It was simply a part of Eve culture! Yes; I experienced losses in that pipeline, but I recovered, learned from it, and continued to thrive. Our energy as an Eve community is better served through well thought out ideas that don’t reward a few, but provides a venue for the risk takers and innovators to succeed within the established game mechanics that are in place. Nothing worth having is free. It must be earned through hard work and dedication!
Fly Safe o7

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