Returning to Eve, lots of new PVE, what to do?

Good Morning all!

I’m and oooooold Eve player, '05 toon, played solid for years but have been on and off for a long time, recently re-subbed to see if I can get back into it.

Always preferred PvE to PvP, and I see there is a lot to do that’s new, can anyone suggest what to try out, what’s good etc? I’m around 90mil sp so I can pilot most sub cap ships and I love T2 and navy ships so what’s the best/most fun to use? I’m a sucker for a nice BC!

Anyway, fly safe.



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Spinning in station has always been a staple.


low sec level 5’s in a carrier, gila in abyssal, marauders in lvl 4’s, 10/10 ded rattlesnake


burners missions, exploring HS to catch ded3/4 , join multibox miner corporation with alts to crush the belts under your feet (ice belts in .5 means constant input of materials to mine)

Don’t know how long has it been since the last time you have played, a lot has changed.

Look into the new Triglavian ships, the Vedmak (cruiser), The Battlecruiser and battleship are all perfectly capable of running L4 mission and equivalent content. In particular, the Triglavian cruiser and Battlecruiser are ultra fun to fly, most fun ships in the whole game.

There is the Abyss, you can do it only either in a solo cruiser, or 2-3 frigates. Drone boats are the best for Abyss, Gila is the meta, you can use other ships, some will outperform the Gila in certain filament types due to their environmental effects but then fall behind in all others. Abyss does not permit T3Cs, only T1, faction (both navy and pirate) and T2 frigates or cruisers. No Batlecruisers or other size ships can enter.

Loki has become a very OP T3C, particularly HAM Lokis, both armor and shield tanked are very good and have their place. Tengu is still OK, and Legion and Proteus suck, legion a bit less then the Proteus, Proteus has been nerfed and destroyed to almost complete uselessness which I personally hate cause it was one of my old time favorites.

Out of the old ships, if you have command ships trained, the Sleipnir still does pretty nice in PvE as does the Drake, Navy Drake etc.

For PvE, the meta is missiles and drones. You can use other ships too, like I said the Triglavian ships are incredibly fun, but they are far more demanding in terms of actual flying. You can’t just do the slow clunky semi-afk thing like in a marauder in them. Gila and Rattlesnake are the best all around PvE ships, then Loki, Tengu, Vexor Navy Issue, then everything else.


Thanks mate, proper good run down! What about burner missions?

Go die in Abyssal space.

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Burner missions are higher-end PVE that require good skills (90 mil sp sounds perfect) and very specific ships/fits to run (all Burner missions limit the size ship you can use - mostly frigates/no battleships). While you can pick from dozens of ships to run almost any L4 security mission, Burner NPCs have few weaknesses to exploit and each must be fought with it’s precise weaknesses in mind. For example, there are 14 Burner missions total and I use 9 ships to run 12 of them. The 4 “Anomic Team” missions can generally be run with the same ship, but might require different damage types depending on which team you fight. Perfect fitting and ship skills for frigates and cruisers is VERY helpful. Implants will also make a big difference. Burner missions are given randomly from level 4 security agents and can be declined or quit without standing penalties.

Here are a couple guides you will find useful if you want to give them a try:

I would HIGHLY recommend that you use the Singularity test server to verify that your fits work prior to risking them on Tranquility. Also, you can use the “/booststandings” command on Singularity if you need to boost standings with an agent or corp - this will allow you to decline any missions you don’t want in order to get to the mission you need.

Welcome back and good luck.


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