Returning to EvE, what to do

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good afternoon’ (in Holland that is),

I’ve been playing EvE of and on for the last 10 years+, however for the last 5 years of.

Back then on another char inspired by ‘Gundam Wing’: Zechs Kushrenada. Missioning was my middle name, eventually worked up to 18m SP all focused on the CNR. Safe to say I could mission very effectively. However as a lot of eve players will tell you I got bored with it. No corp, no PvP … it get’s old fast then.

Right now fresh start with a fresh char and now playing the exploration game. For new pilots I gotta admit ISK wise this is way faster as a beginner. Got a Vexor now running the combat sites. With a few lucky drops up to 140 mil in a week. That for me is a lot with a low sp char. However reading up on Wormholes (want to try this) and reading up some more and more and not getting the entire concept. Jumped in a few (cloaked and all) trying to get some data/relic sites (no succes yet). But again, alone.

I would really love to learn/join PvP this time around. The thing is I have a normal life as well ^^ with a girfriend, building a house and having a decent job. So I’m a casual player. In order to not spend your entire pvp career in a Tristan you need to make ISK, and I"m sure as hell not going to do that with missioning again. Or at least not as only means.

I really like the social aspect and will join whatever op is going on if that is mandatory (in a corp). However with the limited time I have I also need to make ISK for the fun parts of the game :slight_smile:

So my question is: What would be my best way of gaining my ISK for the pvp part and are there corporations who take in folk like me with limited eve time? I really like to start an adventrue in low or null sec or start exploring wormholes but like it or not, ISK needs to be made…


Matthias Lucius.

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Drop by the “STRXP Public” channel in game and our forum recruitment post. We’d love to talk with you about our wormhole corp.

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I’ll do that and have a little chat with you guys.

Thanks for the reply!

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