Returning to missions after a long break

Hi I’ve been away for a few years and fancied doing some level 4’s. I’ve noticed icicles in space and also red NPC sat on gates (aggressive) and was wondering what they were.

Do they impact on mission runners? Is there anything to look out for now that could impact on running missions? I will probably be using a rattlesnake, is it still ok to passive tank?

Either that or a Kronos/golem.

Thanks in advance for imparting your wisdom.

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Missions are same as you remember them, but some time ago resist modules was nerfed by 20% (?), so you may need to make some adjustments.

Aggressive NPC’s can be triglavians, they can easily point and and kill you. You can spend some time to get minimal positive standing with this guys, so they leave you alone, make some research on this forums.


The icicles were from the winter nexus event, which is now over.

Here’s a thread on how to get dual standings with Edencom and the Trigs.

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