Returning to what?

I was an avid player 3 or so years ago but I decided to leave the game.

I’m thinking of coming back but was wondering what major changes have been made?

New NPC’s roam highsec, killing AFK miners and autopiloters. (So be sure to update overview.)
Command Destroyers, Tactical (T3) Destroyers, logistics frigates are the new ship classes since I last played, not sure which are within past 3 years.
“Simulate Fit” lets you experiment with any fit anywhere without third party tools or buying modules.
Overview settings can be shared with drag and drop, e.g. see my ingame bio.
Tons of QOL improvements - jump clone without pausing skill queue; automatic dscan when you enter a system; scan probes are no longer lost when you jump or dock without recalling them; bookmarked locations have visible brackets in space; “launch drones” hotkey

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