UI improvements last patch


1 If you are in a ship when initiating a clone jump you will now automatically disembark, wait out the timer and then clone jump.
2 Alliance fittings have been added. They are managed by members of the alliance executor corporation who have the Fittings Manager role. Each alliance can save up to 600 fittings.
3 The number of personal ship fittings has increased to 500 up from 250.
4 The number of corporation ship fittings has increased to 600 up from 300.
5 When using Strip Fitting drones will also be removed from the drone bay on ships.
6 It is now possible to repackage multiple ships even if they have rigs fitted. Caution: Rigs will still be destroyed just as when repackaging individual ships with rigs fitted.
7 It is now possible to repair all damaged modules at once. Just select “Repair All Modules” when right-clicking on your modules.
8 Players can now activate and apply ship SKINs with fewer clicks and remotely.
9 Corporations now have access to EverMark wallet and assigned spending rights to different roles.

User Interface

10 The Probe Scanner Window will now indicate when a new anomaly or cosmic signature spawns.
11 Distance to the content displayed in the Agency will now consider Autopilot settings when showing the number of jumps required.
12 A filter has been added to the F10 map which displays the location of your jump clones.
13 The Jump Clones tab in the Character Sheet now shows the estimated value of implants in each clone.
14 Mobile depots, tractor units and warp disruptors can now be saved in the cargo of ship fits in the Fitting tool in the NEOCOM.
15 It is now possible to select and delete multiple fittings at the same time.
16 A shortcut has been added for the Manage Autopilot Route window.
17 “Collapse All Groups” has been added to the Corporation Asset list.
18 When reloading modules only the ammunition and charges you have the skills to use will be shown on the right-click menu regardless of what is in your cargo.
19 Your active ship is now placed at the top of the Repair window.
20 The Create Contract window will now show the preselected items at the top of the “Pick Items” list.
21 It is now possible to see how many contracts have been filtered out in the Contract Search.
22 “Release Control” has been added to the radial menu when controlling a structure.
23 The security status of systems has been added in front of the location name in Personal and Corporation Assets.
24 The “Loot All” button now has focus when opening wrecks and other containers by default allowing for quick looting by hitting Enter.
25 The minimum distance in the directional scanner (d-scan) has been changed to 0.1 instead of 0.
26 The maximum number of fleet mates which can be added to the watch list window has been increased to :100:
27 A shortcut has been added for Regroup for players in fleets (available to Fleet Commanders, Wing Commanders and Squad Commanders).
28 Help pointers for Station Services have been updated to more accurately reflect the actual names of the services.
29 When opening the Help pointer window the focus is now on the search bar which will allow for quicker searches.
30 Many new Help pointers have been added.
31 It is now possible to set font size in one chat window and apply it to all other chat windows.
32 When deleting a bookmark, you will now see the name of a bookmark in the confirmation window, or in the case of deleting multiple bookmarks, how many you are deleting.

Lets discuss what you like the most or what you think is bad. I’ll start.

1-9 okayish to very good addition
10 This one is not very well thought of. I don’t mind it, but I can see why someone is not interested it this and I don’t see a “Blink Off” option when right clicking the header. Additionally the blink should stop when we change the system as that information about update is no longer relevant then.
11 that is kinda bugfix isn’t it?
12 sound good but I find both ingame maps unusable anyway
13, 14, 15, 18 very good / why took it so long?
16, 21 ok
17, 19, 20, 22 don’t know what it is, but ok I guess
23 awesome change
24 great but quite a big help to ninja looters and botters to get away with loot safely isn’t it?
25 yeah lol
26, 27 don’t use but I guess good
28, 29, 30, 31 ok
32 great change

I had to change my conclusion as I was looking on wrong patch version - overall this is very good despite all the bugs and old issues reappearing. Too bad we have to wait for this so long.

Anyway, your opinion?

Hmm actually I quoted wrong patch notes omg. Working on fixing this. Awkward.

ok fixed

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Excellent change. It would be even better, though, if asset search had some means of breaking stuff down by type…like ‘where are all my ships ?’ and could then display ship numbers on the map.

Another change I would love to see would be the ability to remotely plan a route. At the moment I can only see routes from where I already am to some destination. What would be good would be the ability to see what the route would be between two remote locations. That would be very useful. For example the ‘safest’ highsec route from Amarr region to Jita invovles going via Sarum Prime. But that is not something you would ever know without actually going to Sarum Prime.

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I will say that these are overall good.

Good job CCP.

Now maintain this level of competence and you might get to hang out at mine for Xmas.

You can do this on dotlan . Not so convenient to do it on external site, but it has to suffice I guess…

Speaking of features of external sites, I would like to be able to open market of any region, but I don’t think that ever happens…

I think that is possible using waypoints. Add waypoints insteat of destination. I will test to confirm when at home as i am at work presently.

I was wrong.

I was able to determine where i got the idea that i could from, wormholes.

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