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Hey, if you’re EUTZ and into pvp it’s definitely worth checking out 🔥 EUTZ PVP in low-sec and sometimes null, the ★★ Sons of Luminaire ★★

Hey - we have a couple of Icelandic pilots and corp/alliance is active in your timezone - check out: Unleashed Fury - Looking for New and Experienced pilots who enjoy PVP and ISK making opportunities.

You can also join our recruitment discord: UNL Recruitment which is good for 7 days.

hi, we are a small EU TZ corp, currently looking for new bro’s… living out of LS at mo, planning on a few diff activities, inc, FW, abyssals, mining, pvp roams, builds etc… jump into shield107 in game for a chat… see if we are a good match ? cheers Ed.

Hei og velkommen tilbake! :slight_smile:

Why not try us? Several returning players over the couple of years we have been in active existence have joined us. We’re based in low sec and the big high sec island in Molden Heath, and also ventures out into nullsec occationally for some fun.

Hit me up ingame or join our discord.

Our ad can be found here: 👽 EndlessRain is a corp with VERY FEW BLUES and wants you for some shenanigans [EU/US] -Broken Chains Alliance-

TSSOC is a long time corp, full of active and helpful members, living out in Null. We would be a great place to settle in and get reacquainted with EvE

pop in and say hi !

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