Review the "new" GUI

Hello CSM members,

many months have passed since the introduction, later enforcement (against many players decision) of new GUI.

More elements (AIR windows, Opportunity windows, …) have been introduced but the basic problems of wasted spaceing, padding, to much room between text elements, not been corrected or removed.

Example “old” GUI: Regional Market Window:

I can enlarge it to see more upon the market…

… reduce it to see more around the ship …

But always have control about it. Control CCP spoke about when bringing in the Photon GUI, control about customizability and general better usage.

But look at the skill windows … still nothing done upon it. Still to large. still immense padding/spacing between the skills.

What is the problem to make smaller “+” icons for adding skills to the queue?
What is the problem with getting the skills closer together, like it the previous skill windows?
A proven system, especially where I can get a lot of information in one glance, does not need to be replaced especially when a great percentage of information is hidden behind scrollsbars.

Same goes for this … already reduced to the maximun that is possbile but stil takes far to much place away , what is with all the unused space here?

This goes for all of the new windows, icons, everything here.
If a new GUI is implemented, out of whatever reasons, new source better in newer languages better to be developed and maintained on server blades than old legacy code, I fully understand.
But now one can say that just because of a new GUI, buttons and icons and spacing cannot be set in that width and lenghts of pixels sizes as before.

Yes, this new guy, the spaced windows, large buttons, may be nice to see on a large 70" or 80" or 90" TV screen, but no on a computer/laptop with window setting 1600 x 900.

Maybe my words are again not heared or deemed as not importans or blantly denied.
But still I harbor enough feeling for the game - even if my gaming time in the last 14 months dropped to only 20% of what it was before, to make this entry.

Thanks for reading, anyway.



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