Revised Eve Career Chart Project - Work in Progress

Got it, thanks. < smiles >

PS: put Mining right smack in the middle with lines connecting to all the others :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have no intention of doing that! LOL

Although I’m mostly a miner in EVE, in terms of the design of this chart, I’ll be 100% objective.

All play styles that exist, irrespective of my personal interests one way or another, will be treated equally.

Mining is a legitimate career path, but one that is no more, or less, important than any other one.¹

Useful (although I don’t know much about ESS because I’m not a null sec’er). I did find the following info online …

What is an ESS?

More Deployables From Super Friends

Encounter Surveillance System Update

Robbing Some Space Banks

Could you possibly post a diagram (maybe use the existing chart, saved as a PDF and write onto it as a note?) of where you see ESS (and any appropriate career titles - bank robber?) fitting in please?

Good luck with the chart, will look great !!



1 . I did know that you were joking by the way @Han_Zealot you little minx, I just didn’t want the possibility to creep in of people thinking I might be biased in my approach to the design because of my personal career choices. < grins >

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My drawing skills are abysmal.
I would put the ESS block on the PVP/Piracy part.
Text: Locate a rich ESS, steal from the Main Bank and avoid the angry owners.

p.s. I was wrong about the public fleets, they are mentioned on the '16 chart.


I’ve created the box that you suggested @Wadiest_Yong and it’s in the latest update at the top. I slightly amended your text to bring the style into line with the rest of the boxes. Let me know if you like it.


only one bump in a 24 hour period… not 2 hr lol.

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all guud :smile:

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Make a more defined border between the various groupings, such as PvE, RPG, and Journalism.

Also, add to journalism, an in-game and and out-of-game section. Also, include the option for joining ISD volunteers.

I like the addition of the Alpha and Omega icons. New players can concentrate on the alpha blocks initially, and dream of the future looking at the Omegas.


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OK, how did this get reopened?

OP asked politely. So it was reopened.

:heart: That’s nice of you. It’s about a work in progress so I feel the thread should not have been closed - even though my feelings have no bearing in these forum whatsoever - so thank you.

Nice, Bravo.

It would look less lonely with some shading inside the indicator, a grey gradient maybe or a thicker contour line?

That’s a nice thought. I think yes, you should.

You’re welcome!

It’s going to look neat. Thank you for this effort :heart:

3 months with zero activity = automatic closure.

Please don’t mix Alpha/Omega with New/Old player

There are activities for omega rookies just as well as activities for alpha veterans

incursions and bank robbery for example