Revised Eve Career Chart Project - Work in Progress

I genuinely appreciate the support, encouragement and feedback @Han_Zealot, thank you.

At the moment I haven’t got a spreadsheet of the career options and paths @Katya_Itzimaru. This is mostly because when the project started it was very much a draw of the existing chart with small changes here and there. Having said this, I think it’s a good idea so I might actually create one because even at this late stage, it might be quite helpful. Thanks.


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You’re very welcome.
Besides my in-game friends who post here, you are one of the very few posters I appreciate, and You’re doing something worthwhile on top of that so I’m happy to help.

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Never tried it, but I would score it as high risk (red), and try to pull it off with the cheapest possible ship+fit (one blue chevron) given that high risk - the ESS site has limitations on class of ship, btw. But I could be entirely wrong too, lol.

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Thanks for that @Wadiest_Yong. Although you haven’t actually done it, it is still helpful in terms of feedback. If anyone has done this, feel free to comment and suggest what the grading for this activity should be.

For what it’s worth, I’m currently attempting to find a couple of ‘honourable’ pirates’ (if they exist!) to get some feedback on the piracy/criminal aspects of the chart.

As I’m mostly a miner/industrialist/PI/PvE’er I’m not highly skilled in these particular areas. However when I started working on this project and right from the start, I did (genuinely) want the chart to be as objective as I could make it and not biased towards non-aggression or to aggression in terms of it’s information and content.

I’m happy to consider suggested names from forum posters if anyone knows of honourable pirates but so that this thread stays on track please email me in-game rather than posting the name here. Thanks.


I had some really great help this evening on the ESS front from a Goonswarm pilot, @Alefir_Ulfhiemon. Thanks!

Essentially he gave me a steer on the degree cost grading for the card but also suggested that there ought to be two cards, one for solo ESS robbery and one for small gang. Below are the two cards. Any views appreciated.



Just curious as i didn’t rob a bank yet, the ship restrictions don’t imply that you need omega for it…

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I agree with the above, the ESS is not directly a Omega only activity. While I don’t live in null, do I’ve never tried it, I have not seen any talk of it being restricted to omega.

Encounter Surveillance System Update | EVE Online this my be helpful

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Thanks for the feedback, especially the link @Lara_Agnon, @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras, much appreciated.

Based on what you’ve said, I’ll take the Omega monogram off.

For what it’s worth, while I do know a bit about career paths in Eve, I’ve not experienced or done everything so I’m looking to put a peer review panel together (ideally a couple of miners, a couple of pirates, a couple of industrialists, a couple of PvP’ers, etc) so that a few expereinced heads can look it over once it’s finished and before it goes ‘live’.


Just a small idea: only set an omega icon on omega restricted activities. It will reduce the number of cards and save a ton of work and screen space, unless I misread what you posted.


Thanks. I did actually discuss this a few days ago, but here it is again…

My thinking was that for activities that are restricted to Omega accounts (for example PI) I’d use a card with an Omega monogram. For activities that are not limited (for example posting to the forums) I’d use a blank card and for activities that are aimed at rookies and/or Alphas then I’d use a card with an Alpha monogram.

My logic here is to try to point rookie players (whatever account they might have) towards things that are fun and easy’ish to start on. This will hopefully enable them to get into the game without falling badly at the first metaphorical fence, which, in turn, might help with new player retention and come across as slightly more inclusive and welcoming.

As far as spacing goes the absence or retention of a monogram won’t really affect the layout too much. I was going to try to keep the spacing between cards fairly consistent for both aesthetic reasons and also in case, at a later stage, a card need to be badged up because access to an activity changes.

I hope this all makes sense!


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I understand. I would reason that any but the omega restricted activities are all good for rookies. The chevrons for risk and cost give sufficient guidance for rookies ? Just that the initial is so large, that multiplying that by a factor of 2 would make it humongous. Whatever, you do you, and I’ll biatch from the sidelines :smiley: :+1:


Apologies for not updating this thread for a while. Real life and work has been pretty full on (that’d be the pesky thing that most of us have to do to afford superficial things like rent, food, utilities, oh, and also the important things like Eve Online Omega subs. LOL)

Progress Report
I’ve made some significant progress on the chart and I’ve now dropped in all of the existing career path cards that were in the original chart. In addition to this I’ve also added in some additional cards based on the (really helpful) feedback that I’ve had here and via comments via in-game email.

I am seeking some addition feedback (see below).

The final positioning for the individual cards still needs to be finished off (to make sure everything is logical, aligned and aesthetically okay) and the structural flow elements (arrows and directional/divider lines) are still to be added in but I am getting there, slowly.

They’ll look something like this in the end …

But much more elegant and crisp (these are the old arrows next to the new boxes).

In terms of how the schematic actually works, the cards are arranged in vertical streams with the directional ‘flow’ away from the centre of the chart arranged in in genres. Easy is supposed to be closer to the centre, more difficult is further away (feel free to suggest changes if you spot something askew…).

Below is a very rough draft of where I am with the chart. Please note that this is not the final positioning!


Constructive Feedback Panel
I have started to put together a constructive feedback panel (the aim being to try to capture some rank and file player feedback before the project officially goes ‘live’).

In order to try make the feedback diverse I’m trying to seek out voices various styles of game play , up to a point (I obviously can’t have every account holder contributing feedback).

At the moment I have a pilot from the Goonswarm Federation; a pilot who does a mix of manufacturing PvP and mining; a pilot who describes themselves as an PvP anti-ganker; a disabled returning pilot who’s mostly a miner; a pilot who does a mix of PvE, manufacturing and research, and lastly a pilot who says their play style is mixed.

If you’re interested, please email me in-game with an email address and a brief description of your playstyle.

I’m particularly interested in feedback from people with disabilities, women (real women not in-game women) and in groupings that aren’t represented above, for example, wormholes and gankers.




I don’t see my career path here.

You need to add something about space cults, extortion, and the intergalactic mafia.

Guess you could just add a box for roleplay as the above mentioned.

As you’ll know from reading the thread, the project that I’m working on is based on a chart that was already in existence so at this stage, while I have made tweaks, there’s been no whole scale revision as such.

In terms of answering the specific points you made:

I am trying to create the chart objectively and not base it on my (or anyone’s) preferred style of play. Not to do this would lack integrity because what the chart is trying to show is the full scale and diversity of career options available to any pilot starting out in the game.

In terms of extortion, I think there is a fair bit on there - Poco Monopoly, Wardec Camping and Griefing, Miner Ransoming, Ransoming, ISK Doubling, Contract Scamming, Corp/Alliance Theft - but if there is a specific career card or path that’s missing here feel free to suggest it.

In terms of the so called intergalactic mafia that you mentioned, likewise they’re mentioned a fair bit obliquely in terms of Wardec Camping and Griefing, Solo and Gang Bank Robbery, Wormhole Eviction, Structural Removal - but again, if there is a specific career card or path that you feel is missing here feel free to suggest it.

As far as personality cults go, whilst I recognise that some people work hard to create these - you and @James_315 being prime examples of this in practice - they’re not really career option as such are they? Something that’s accessible to most new players? So I’m afraid I don’t think they warrant a card on the chart.

I hope that’s helpful.


Glad to see a new chart. Looking forward to a shareable link.

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