[Revived Thread] Lai Dai Anoikis Research Vessel Reappears in Saisio // A Comparison: Lianda Burreau

oh, I thought it was in space.

yea then, it may be a problem.

Since we set up the Astrahus next to the Lai Dai station there was no report of movement. We expect the salvaged Raven to still reside there in Saisio. But honestly, getting it out unnoticed is no wizardry. We totally rely on Lai Dai’s cooperation here. Keeping scanning equipment ready, however, is a good idea,


I’m assuming its being quarantined for the time being. With Risk Control being involved there must be reason to suspect there is something amiss with it.


Thank you for your support, and for the support of Signal Cartel @Katia_Sae ; mysteries abound, and those concerning Anoikis certainly intersect with the spirit of exploration Signal espouses.

We’ll be in contact, and thank you again.



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Bringing this back after many, many months, I still greatly wonder at the hidden significance of this return. The Drifters (and by association the Sleepers) remain an enormously enigmatic presence in the awareness of the people of the Cluster, myself very much included - with their friction with the Triglavian Collective, and the powerful presence of their seemingly uppermost commanders in Tyrannos Navarkos and especially Tyrannos Polemos in Pochven, I wish there was some way we could learn more about the situation and their true nature.

As the months and years tread onward, mysteries such as the fate of the LDSS Airkio’s Promise and its crew continue to tug at out curiosity and exasperated desire for understanding - there is so much depth to the history and current events of the world we live in that are wholly beyond our grasp, kept secret at the whim of the DED, the Triglavian Collective, the Empires, the SoCT, and so many other polities. I wonder if these secrets will ever come to be illuminated?

Until then, all we can do is continue to apply whatever pressure we as capsuleers are capable of expressing, and discover whatever we can.

I’ll be continuing to keep an ear open for anything I can surrounding this - after all, it’s one of the only possible routes we have for learning more about the War in Heaven we find ourselves standing beneath now.


One interesting thing to note about technological level and progress is that it is a broad spectrum and it can both be focused in various directions and it can be measured in many ways. For example, it is widely accepted that the ancient and now lost-to-us races were developed in diferent disciplines of science, with some mastering gravity, field technology others mastering neural and implant technology and so on. One generally accepted method of measurement is the Kardashev scale. And on that scale we, the empires are a mere level 1. We are not even close to level 2. And as far as we know, so are the Jovians and the Sleepers. And neither of them, not even at the height of the first or the second empire were ever getting close to a level 2 status. They may have now and have had powerful weaponry, transport and neural technology, but not the ability to harness the power of a star, which would be a level 2 civilization on the Kardashev scale.
I know for certain that there was at least one star-harvesting installation constructed around the star of the W477-P solar system. The Jovian themselves marveled at it and speculated over the Talocan’s capabilities. Now… we’ve all seen energy harvesting on a solar scale recently. So question begs: could there be a link between the ancient Talocans and the contemporary Triglavians?

Adrian Vexier

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