[Revived Thread] Lai Dai Anoikis Research Vessel Reappears in Saisio // A Comparison: Lianda Burreau

This afternoon, a ship matching the description of the LDSS Airkio’s Promise, the flagship vessel of a Lai Dai research convoy that entered and was thought lost in Anoikis 10 years ago, emerged from a wormhole near Saisio VIII, Moon 20.

The ship appeared to be adrift and without power, and did not respond to any attempts at communication. The Sukuuvestaa corporation towed the ship to their station in the system.

The megacorp has not released any information on the ship thus far, and has stated that they will retain ownership of the vessel - in other words, it will not be returned to Lai Dai at this time.

“As the vessel in question qualifies as salvage under applicable State law, Sukuuvestaa Corporation will retain custody of the vessel and maintain a primary interest in its disposition.”

A lost, silent ship reappearing through a wormhole is concerning on its own; what happened to the convoy after it entered the then-unexplored reaches of Anoikis ten years ago? What happened to its crew? Who, or what, sent it back through a wormhole?

But the one thing I want to know, above all else, is what the ship was carrying.


This isn’t the first time an apparently abandoned ship has resurfaced from the darkness of Anoikis - indeed, a near-identical occurrence finds its beginning on the very same day the Airkio’s Promise departed into the darkness.


In the hours follwing the Apocrypha event, CreoDron Astrophysicist Lianda Burreau announced the discovery of a point-defect turbulence - more commonly known as wormholes - in what is known to have been the system of Vitrauze. Shrugging off COCNORD’s advisory, autonomous probes were sent through to the other side, and quickly identified non-natural deadspace signatures that indicated with all certainty that the workings of intelligent life were present there. Professor Burreau remained resolute that a manned excursion into the unknown system would proceed, despite the risks.

Lianda Burreau and five others, piloting Helios-class vessels, entered the wormhole.

Contact was lost, and her clone never activated.

“We must not fear the unknown, we must understand it.”
- Lianda Burreau


Over two years following the disappearance of the CreoDron team, a Capsuleer made a puzzling discovery while underway in Anoikis system J105934: six Helios-class vessels, drifting and unmanned. Enemy Capsuleer presence in the system would prevent the pilot from taking posession of the ships and, suspecting that the vessels belonged to her enemies, the Capsuleer destroyed each one before retreating.

Only after their destruction were these vessels identified.

Lianda Burreau’s drifting Helios had held in its cargo a sample of Trinary Data. Though this format is now often mistakenly solely associated with the Triglavian Collective, this form of data has been a known characteristic of the Jove since the earliest days of the Capsuleer age, and applies to not only the Directorate, but to their derelict now-known relatives in the Sleepers as well.

Whatever information this sample may have held was lost to the void as the ship was destroyed.

Doctor Hilen Tukoss, the founder of Arek’Jaalan, took great interest in the occurrence before ultimately disappearing himself in late YC113, around the time the construction of Site One was completed in Eram, and seemingly reappearing in late YC116 - but of his four total messages that appeared on the IGS from YC116.10 to YC117.02, only two broken-up transmissions seemed to truly be the Doctor, while the other two seemed extremely artificial and dubious.

When the Doctor’s transmission from what came to be discovered as the Redoubt Hive was leaked by the SCOPE, dated to before any of these transmissions, and his death was confirmed by the first Capsuleers to enter the site, it became clear that the Drifters had somehow taken possession of his infomorph - which had never reached his clone.

What, then, was the fate of Lianda Burreau?

What information was lost when her drifting Helios was destroyed?

What might this similarly drifting Raven, having instead returned, have brought back?


Excellent summary, as always. There’s a thousand questions here and no practical answers yet.

I have a feeling I won’t be sleeping well tonight.


I realize this may well be my recently developed paranoia talking, but this seems like too much of a convenience now that the triangles are seemingly moving their suspicious plans ahead. Have they been in preparation of their aggressions for a decade (not as much as it sounds for a war preparation) or more? What influence did the Apocrypha event have on their plans? Or, perhaps more worryingly, vice versa?


A ghost ship, emerging from a wormhole… it is eighter a present or a trap if you ask me.
Is there any information about the wormhole it emerged from? May it still be active?

Captain Valentine

ARC entered the only wormhole present in Saisio roughly 89 minutes after the news was released. It lead to a Red Giant C1 with a rich and colorful presence of different factions, including rogue and pirate factions. It was also occupied by capsuleer colonists.

However, the C1 rendered no further details to enlight the mystery. Also, the news report mentiones a wormhole close to planet VIII moon 20. This was not really the case with the C1 (depending on the meaning of ‘close’). So, the wormhole from which the Raven emerged might have collapsed within the discovery and our exploration.


Haria Haritimado


Now we wait for a wormhole to spit out “Clear Skies” and maybe get a reboot of the series…


From yesterday’s News Article, a concerning mention of this still-ongoing situation:

CBT Gazette Notes “Legal Hiatus in Case of LDSS Airkio’s Promise”; Rreports of “Strange Developments” in Lai Dai-Sukuuvestaa Dispute

–footage of the original recovery, reported on by the Discourse in this broadcast

That a salvage claim laid by Sukuuvestaa against an unaffiliated vessel would lead to legal conflict with the parent megacorp of the subject was a naturally expected outcome; but something else is happening behind the curtains of this occasion.

Under normal circumstances, an unpowered, nonresponsive, derelict ship does not move itself out of wormhole space - certainly, if this vessel indeed returned to New Eden through a random, unstable and short-lived wormhole a decade after disappearing, something must have been behind it.

And now, “strange developments” in the dispute have halted the legal battle between the two megacorps involved here. Indeed, it seems unlikely that an unremarkable, abandoned vessel would be capable of fueling a “strange development” - but with this hiatus, it becomes more and more apparent that this ghost ship must instead be, in some manner, remarkable.

Whether it be crew, cargo, data, or something else, the Airkio’s Promise likely brought something back with it - but unless the powers in possession of the derelict choose to share what they might learn, there is little any of us might do to illuminate that information.

The mysteries of Anoikis are as murky as they are bottomless - and as the Drifters and Triglavians emerge from antiquity, any clues that bring us closer to understanding the history of Anoikis - and New Eden as a result - could be invaluable.

I express my sincere hope that we might yet learn something more.


Be careful what you wish for, my friend. You just might get it, and we know not the cost of those learnings.




Nice footage!

That ship may be a promise indeed.

But to whom?


This is such interesting content! This is what makes eve such a great game. I love it! I want more!

From yesterday’s News Article, further developments in the LDSS Airkio’s Promise dispute:

LDSS Airkio’s Promise Situation Unclear as Lai Dai-SuVee Bring in Kirkinen Risk Control “Specialists”

The intrigue deepens: whatever "strange developments" arose to disrupt the ongoing dispute between Lai Dai and Sukuuvestaa have now necessitated the calling of experts from a third party to presumably better understand and define the exact details of what happened to this mysterious vessel & whatever it brought back with it, and to determine the proper process, definitions, and outcome of this legal battle.

By this point, there is ample information available regarding the elements of this situation, both direct and adjacent; perhaps enough to begin forming some suppositions on the events as a whole:


–This ongoing dispute concerns a once(?) fully crewed science vessel that emerged from the domain of once-torporic Sleeper civilization after having disappeared into Anoikis a decade ago.

–The Aikiro’s Promise originally departed just shortly after Lianda Burreau made the dive in her own ship, itself also long lost before reappearing years later, along with a form of Jove-adjacent data in its cargo, only recorded in its killmail manifest - as the drifting, unresponsive ship was unceremoniously destroyed by a wary Capsuleer upon their discovery of it, committing whatever the ship may have carried to the darkness of space.

Kirkinen Risk Control “specialized in developing and supplying cyber-warfare defense solutions before it diversified into researching other leading-edge military technologies”, eventually gaining access to Clone Soldier implant technology through a research contract - and inevitably moving to branch their operations into mercenary operations utilizing their own soldiers.

–Last but certainly not least, the science behind Clone Soldier implant architecture is well-evidenced to bear similarities to the technology of the implants found in every member of the Sleeper and Drifter race.

The mutual calling-on of Kirkinen during this suspicious legal hiatus by both involved parties strongly suggests that something unusual arrived in New Eden aboard the Aikio’s Promise - something that could not be properly categorized in a legal and scientific sense without bringing in experts from a group specializing in cyberwarfare defense and Clone Soldier implant technology.


Given all available evidence, one possible reason for the current strangeness of this situation has been elevated through winnowing of relevant discourses: that one or more of the Aikiro’s Promise’s crewmembers returned to New Eden alive, in some manner.

The salvage directives invoked by Suvuukestaa in their recovery of the drifting science vessel were indeed airtight enough for the megacorp to refute a claim by Lai Dai, and the legal dispute concerning the recovered ship’s ownership would likely be quickly settled in the recovering corp’s favor, especially in consideration of Kaalakiota’s moving to support SuVee in a stark reversal of their historical “patriot bloc” allyship with Lai Dai.

But then, a change: “strange developments” resulted in a total legal hiatus concerning the dispute. Whatever the development was, it threw a sturdy wrench into the ongoing legal proceedings - and given their total halting, the development must have been indeed significant. Mere static objects or data aboard a drifting ship would be unlikely to significantly affect a salvage claim - but living crew in any form would certainly provide sufficient impetus for the situation to change.

However, the discovery of any members of the ship’s original crew - previously assumed lost or dead - would have rapidly flipped the dispute in Lai Dai’s favor; living corporate citizens still residing aboard the ship, however broken down it might be, would have strongly elevated their ownership claim against SuVee’s own.

Instead, a legal hiatus was declared, and experts from Kirkinen were quickly brought in to investigate these “developments” by joint request of SuVee and Lai Dai- suggesting more complicated factors in play.

FORWARD THEORIZATION - this is the realm of far-flung speculation and theory, not any known truths.

Kirkinen Risk Control’s calling-on by both involved corps suggests a need to strictly define certain unforseen elements in the Aikiro’s Promise case, something likely pertinent to Kirkinen’s specializations: cyberdefense and Clone Soldier production.

Reaching backward: something happened to Lianda Burreau in Anoikis that left her ship abandoned and drifting, but her fate is unknown; something also happened to Hilen Tukoss in Anoikis, but his fate is much clearer. Tukoss was somehow captured in infomorph form by the Drifters - and despite no longer having his own original, now-dead body, he managed to escape from them aboard a stolen vessel. It is not thought to be likely that such an escape could be made by an infomorph alone - but in this case, would the Doctor have somehow appropriated a Drifter body to inhabit and pilot said stolen vessel?

The Drifters do not utilize Capsules - instead, their heavily modified bodies are plugged directly into their ship, and the base Sleeper implant that remains implanted in each of their heads is suspected in many circles to act as the bridge for their infomorph at the moment of death, just as our own Clone Soldiers transmit their stack-update through a very similar core implant that shows evidence of being derived from the Sleepers’ and Drifters’ own.

The Aikiro’s Promise returned under some power, controlled by something or someone; if a member, or members, of its original crew remained aboard as it was claimed, what would they appear as now?

Standard, obviously original crewmembers in their original bodies would be assured support for Lai Dai’s case. Instead, a hiatus - followed by the mutually-desired involvement of a cyberdefense and Clone Soldier production specialist group.

If crew of the Aikiro’s Promise - or living beings claiming to be crew - instead returned in a Sleeper-Drifter-bodied form, the question of their truth - and of their legal status as people or assets - could be indeterminate under current laws.

A distressing precedent in this area has in fact already been set; Hilen Tukoss was disavowed by his parent corporation Zainou Biotech, whom Kirkinen has also acted on the behalf of in the past in paramilitary operations, after his apparent arrival in Eram aboard his stolen vessel - making him a “citizen of nowhere” with "no human rights".

However, if Lai Dai were to sustain that any of their perhaps similarly physically-natured citizens were indeed citizens and therefore people with rights, they could continue to lay their claim of ownership of the Aikiro’s Promise.

Could this be where Kirkinen comes in?


Hm. Fascinating theories, Mr. Anteovnuecci, though I would caution against assuming that because incidents are like in some regards, that they are like in all regards.

Nonetheless, I believe we agree that there are several points that are suggested by the reappearance of the LDSS Airkio’s Promise and the resulting situation.

In the first place, we can reasonably assume that the reappearance of the LDSS Airkio’s Promise confirms theories of as-yet-undiscovered systems in what we call wormhole space. A ship adrift in any of the explored wormhole systems would almost certainly have been discovered years ago.

In the second place, we can reasonably assume that the LDSS Airkio’s Promise’s return isn’t a simple case of salvage. The likelihood of an unpowered vessel traversing a wormhole is vanishingly small, which implies either some sort of automatic piloting, remnants of a crew, a novel manner of either translocation or wormhole formation, or something perhaps more unusual.

I would hesitate to say definitively why Kirkinen Risk Control was selected. It’s entirely possible that, given Kirkinen’s origin as a Zainou divestiture, Kirkinen simply seemed a suitable neutral party to assist in discovery: Zainou has approximately equal financing from Patriot and Practical blocs, and likewise is involved in neither Lai Dai’s nor Sukuuvestaa’s new consortium undertakings. That Kirkinen’s expertise may have particular value is, of course, a matter of reasonable supposition.

In light of that last consideration, and likewise in light of ARC’s and IKAME’s continuing interest in resolution of those mysteries potentially involving non-signatory powers and uncharted space, IKAME has deployed a liaison team and platform in Saisio.

We offer our expertise with analysis of unusual artifacts, data structures, and salvage to Kirkinen Risk Control, Lai Dai, and Sukuuvestaa, and will of course take whatever steps are deemed necessary and expedient to ensure the effective resolution of this situation.


Fellow Capsuleers

The Astrahus ARC Kirkinen Liaison Platform in Saisio is now open to the public. We thank the Sukuuvestaa corporation for allowing us to anchor up right next to their Corporate Warehouse, where the ghost ship resides.

Besides basic public services the Astrahus serves a diplomatic purpose in regard to the LDSS Airkio’s Promise and all potentially related matters. Feel free to step by and pay a visit if you like. Our media coverage and research team will operate from there as well, keeping you updated.


Haria Haritimado


On behalf of Signal Cartel and the Achura Stargazers Society, we’d like to welcome the opening of the ARC Kirkinen Liaison Platform in our home system of Saisio. We’re intrigued by the appearance of the ghost ship LDSS Airkio’s Promise and look forward to the mysteries your efforts are surely to uncover. If there is anything that we can do to support this endeavor, please feel free to reach out to us.

In your service,

Katia Sae


do we know the mass of this ship? not the “theoretical” one mind you, the actual mass, including cargo and/or if the composition of the ship is what it is supposed to be ?


I love EVE lore and it’s sad to see such an interesting, well written and on-point post have so few replies and likes.


It’s a Raven, so we know what it should be, but there is no news as to whether the ship itself has been modified, beyond being fitted as a science vessel. I would be interested to find out.


I just thought of how to proceed:

  1. run a ship scan to know what modules there is
  2. target the ship with a ship, preferably a battleship class.
  3. target again, but this time other ravens, both equipped, empty, etc

Repeat 2 and 3 for having average data

By knowing the difference in targeting speed, we can establish an average deviations in signature size.
And therefore, combined with the equipment on board, know the approximate mass of the ship


I think the problem might actually be getting close enough to the ship.