Rezeki-Osmon Sells Protectorate Subsidiary

  • Rezeki-Osmon Sells Protectorate Subsidiary
  • Akamaaten Tiuul News Service - Suroken - The Citadel - YC10.27.124

A press release was held in Suroken today with the Rezeki-Osmon Affiliate Group (ROA) and longtime subsidiary Saitsuo Interstellar Security (STSUO). Notable executives at the conference included Charles Rezeki, newly promoted chief executive of ROA and Henrik Suzaku, Protectorate officer and CEO of Saitsuo. Alexandre Hinkelmann from IRCB was also spotted in attendance among the guests.

The principal announcement is that ROA is selling off the greater portion of its shares in Saitsuo, relinquishing its subsidiary. The majority of the available shares were bought by the Ishuk-Raata Corporate Bank, making Ishuk-Raata (and by extension Ishukone) the largest minority stockholder by far. However, Hyasyoda will retain the largest percentage of voting shares overall, split between management options and small stakeholders.

The news will come as no surprise to close watchers of the stock exchange as ROA prices have spiraled into a multi-year low after the tragic death of founder Olaf Rezeki. Nephew and successor Charles Rezeki said that the sale “Creates working capital for reinvestment in the next successful ROA innovation”. He opined that the security startup had “Exceeded our highest expectations in profit.”

Saitsuo is also an important piece in Lai Dai’s buyout proposal for Hyasyoda ROA. Some have speculated that this move is intended to cut the legs out from under the hostile takeover, which some believe was motivated by territorial interests in Intaki and Eugales. Without the State Protectorate security company, Lai Dai’s buyout plan - and attempt to coopt Protectorate operations in South Placid - is stymied.

This development raised concerns among Placid voices for opposite reasons. Some are concerned a lack of majority ownership will remove accountability from one of Placid’s prominent Caldari occupiers. Others see IRED’s more explicit role in STSUO dashing hopes for a more pan-corporate voice in the Protectorate.

However, CEO Suzaku vowed that Saitsuo will not be undergoing any shift in outlook or priorities. “We will stay the course. Asset protection and intelligence are more vital than ever for the State’s frontier interests. We will continue to bring our shareholders victory, focused on the core business practices which have made us profitable.”

Following the announcement ROA’s stock price spiked upward, though the group as a whole still faces an uncertain future.


Ishuk-Raata has historically been among the most meritorious and formidible alliances in the Caldari Capsuleer Milita, and I have no doubt that this acquisition will enhance their ability to serve the State.

That being said, I do wonder why a conference of such importance was held in a dump like Suroken.

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