can you fly it in high sec?

Is it a Carrier/ForceAux/Dreadnought/Super Carrier/Titan/Rorqual?

NO :point_down: YES :point_right: You cannot fly it in highsec :slightly_frowning_face:

You can fly it in highsec :hugs:

bye Felicia

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You can fly it and also use it to jump from high- into low- and null-sec. You can only not jump into high-sec with it.

Word of warning, the ship is so expensive (10b ISKs and upwards) that it has been ganked in high-sec even while being empty.

Yes. Very good idea to fly a rhea.

Honestly, if you dont understand how jump freighters work, then dont go for the rhea. Go for its sister, and much more cheaper ship, the Charon. 1/10 the price, and does everything a rhea can do in hisec. If youre thinking of getting the rhea to move stuff through low/null, again, if youre asking this sort of question, id advise against doing it, as your chances of losing your ship are great.

Rule number 1 of highsec (really, anysec) travel in a JF, have an exit cyno on a blue citadel in range at all times with no red timer. Rule number 2, always use a triple web alt in a hyena.

Virtually impossible to lose a JF that way unless they’re literally waiting on the gate to gib you when you decloak, even then it’s gonna be tough. Soon as you see that gank fleet your first action should be to decloak and jump out.

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