Rifter art small story #1

After long office hours in Jita trading hub supplying those in need of fresh bpc kits , it was time to do something else , hopping in my small spaceship and traveling with my Archaeology kit to the distance of space where once was the wormhole that brought us to new eden , scouting off for some planets of first colonies , after pinpointing some prime locations the digging started.
hours passed by with no success , but after several days , diging pays off.
What looks like a non digital immage of a rifter space ship crafted on plain glass and survived the vast corrosion of time.
Pinpointing the location headding back to jita for my office job , hoping to come back and find more old and lost art.

For all of you out there i included a fast scan of the non digital Photo


Greetings to you all :slight_smile:

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Nice Archeological find, hope your dig site produces more artifacts.

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