RIP Project Nova.... again

(Balos Tritapo) #81

Would your world stop turning if i did?

(Cypherous) #82

No, but it might benefit the guy you were trying to talk to :stuck_out_tongue:

(Terenius Neo) #83

Thank you CCP for trying. Tell me once you have something you DO release. Until then… don’t need to know about any alpha or beta or project something because I am tired to care and google for any glimbse of info about a shooter in New Eden.

Damn just let the capsuleers fight on stations and dome like arenas in edenlike gardens and make something Mass Effect battle style like where you can take some cover and switch back to first person mode. It worked in Mass Effect. Alot of people love Mass Effect and alot of people love Eve but more when you do it Mass Effect like battle style or just I don’t know… give us nano blades or… Jesus… I’m tired of this…

Besides the gameplay demo in Vegas of Nova was not as dark as the concept art we saw so far. The art pictures gave a feeling of brutal survival and… AND… shoudn’t be there a roof on the map with a big hole in it or holes? Because when you get close to ships in Eve… there is nothing on the outside of the Maelstrom like in the demo… hu?

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #84

Maybe they keep asking the wrong people. What kind of answer do you get from the “huuurrrrr durrrr All I care about is muh ISK/Stats/Ganking/Carebears/PVPLEETHEADSHOTGTFO!” type? Goons and Codies who have been on one endless temper tantrum since 2011 are probably not going to like anything.
Now if experienced FPS gamers were saying it sucked, then that’s worth looking at.
And frankly, FPS games are just as tired and played out as MMOs. Why even bother?

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #85

There you have it. If they made the game “FPS capable” but still open ended, that could have been something.
But again, WiS came up against the “Muh ISK/Stats” crowd whose obsession made them forum warrior and brigand dev threads. The rest is history.
Nice space ship game though. Oh look, more skins…

(Nana Skalski) #86

Some people engage angry mode when they think that they will get less targets for their killmark farming, loot, kill, gank activities, that is their form of defence to ridicule everything what comes even remotely close to make people stay a bit longer in station doing things other than undock.

(Balos Tritapo) #87

You mean asking CSM is a bad idea because they just represent the big corps/alliances because they elect just themselves into CSM?


What a new realization…

CSM has NEVER done anything good for the whole game…just for big alliance interests…

(Lulu Lunette) #88

Umm… not all of them are like that.

(Lulu Lunette) #89

For what it’s worth, it is with remorse and regret that I reformatted my PS3 yesterday. It had a copy of Dust 514 on it. At least I found someone who wants my old PS3 right :smile:

(Jimmy Valentine) #90

Project NEVER…meh.

But, honestly, i agree with CCP in the part that demonstrated prototype is boring and fugly as hell.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #91

All I ever hoped for, during the era of DUST and WiS - well the captains quarters with … THE DOOR…

was that we would get “fighting in stations”. I hoped that each station would have “lower levels” - like steam tunnels - where there were no cops. We would have Clone soldier tech so all you lose is your pants you got from the store or something. That’s all that would have been needed. It could have been a part of smuggling, and taking missions from pirate agents to earn pirate factions anywhere in the game.

But no. We got instead reports of these big battles out in nullsec with 1000 ships - usually after it happened - or was still happening the next day because the missiles launched in the first five minutes had yet to reach their targets. At least somebody’s killboard got more points on it, somewhere.

(Terenius Neo) #92

Amen. I’m with you on that. ■■■■ CCP, let us shoot stuff on stations with our toons. Give this char a goddamn Assault Rifle. :neutral_face:

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #93

Yeah! An evil black one with a pistol grip and detachable magazine!! Bwa ha ha ha :japanese_ogre:

(Raw Matters) #94

CCP is really really bad at making games, Eve is just their only lucky exception so far, and even here you can see how bad they are at designing games every single new patch.

The sooner CCP admits that, the sooner they can change and become better. But so far they still seem very convinced of their skills, even though every single game they made was a failure and Eve subs have dropped to a point where they were forced to sell out the game.

(Yigal Tzadok) #95

Some guy made this game, ccp only milked it

(Raw Matters) #96

Well they’ve been handling it for so long, you have to give them some credit.

(Nevyn Auscent) #97

You know the investors that sold had been with ccp the whole time right? And that dust broke even. and that the ccp vr games have all met with high reviews.
Calling any of them failures other than WoD is a very very big stretch. They just didnt go big. In some cases due to poor management and in others due to fickle consumers. But no game is ever perfect and very few stand any test of time.
You dont have to crush everyone else on the market to be a success.

(Raw Matters) #98

Success is a question of how much money was invested, and how much was earned. That ratio was always really bad on most other CCP games, the main reason they were usually canceled before or after release.

(Nevyn Auscent) #99

WoD never launched.
Dust 514 ran for 3 years and still had a functional player base level on closing day. 3 years is a decent game lifetime. Not great but decent.
Valkyrie is over two years and unless it closed in the last few months is still running.
Gunjack is still selling.

What other games are you talking about dying within months of release, and could you source your claims of really bad cost to profit returns as well please.

(Raw Matters) #100

Then you obviously haven’t read the news: those VR games were so “successful”, that CCP closed the studio.
And Dust caused a financial crisis for CCP that almost caused them to go bankrupt.