RIP Project Nova.... again

(Nevyn Auscent) #101

Yeah… no.
You are taking 1 + 1 and adding it up to make 10 here. CCP had a lot going on at the time of dust, and you are simply trying to make a lack of information conform with your personal belief.
Even if the VR games did not make ccp money (which them closing the studio doesn’t mean they failed to make money) that also doesn’t make CCP bad at making games. It means they took a gamble on vr breaking into the mainstream and wanted to position themselves as leaders in vr.

(Raw Matters) #102

So CCP made Dust and later had to shut it down and admitted it was a great failure.
They made WoD and had to cancel it.
They made Nova and had to cancel it.
They made Valkyrie and Gunjack and had to close the studio.

Blizzard made Warcraft and Starcraft and ruled the RTS market for years.
Blizzard made World of Warcraft and completely took over the MMO-RPG business.
Blizzard made Hearthstone and dominates the online card game market.
Blizzard made Overwatch and it is a huge success.

Do you know what the reason for that difference is? CCP is bad at making games while Blizzard is not.

(Sethyrh Nakrar) #103

At least they are not releasing a mess like Bethesda did…

(Nana Skalski) #104

Dust was good, had some teething problems of course, but only the chosing of a stupid console platform first made it have a lot of technical problems, then actually killed it.

Everybody who did not seen how it will be when making decision that it wil be on console, should have been removed from CCP. Also people who decided to make WoD and Dust at the same time, should have been removed from CCP.

(Nevyn Auscent) #105

So remind me again how Titan is going, that blizzard spent 7 years developing.

Nova also isnt cancelled. They delayed it. Pretending its cancelled is a clear lie at this point. (at best, if taken too far it becomes commercial libel/slander) Could it become cancelled sure. But it isnt.

(chardak) #106

Hello guys,

I just want to give you some feedback as a former Dust 514 player.

What you show us in Vegas kinda insult me a bit. It was a very very big step back.

Don’t give up the planets guys, this are the battlegrounds you need to succeed. Since the start of the Eve Online you are populating space and not the planets. Releasing Planetary Interaction years ago was something good, but not enough - just a remote interaction. With Dust 514 you made a step in right direction, but choosing wrong partner for that game (Sony) and its EoL platform sign a death sentence of the game.

Dust 514 was around 80% perfect game. It just lack an option to set a goal for you or your Corp/Alliance the same way you can do it in EVE. My day goal, my week goal, my corp month goal…that is what almost every EVE player do for himself even if he didn’t realize it. Some of them just want to make 150 mil for 2-3 hours of ratting, other want to kill someone…and what about alliance leaders…they are there not just run the routine of the alliance, but to make decisions that inspire their members to follow them in the big Supercapital clashes.

Don’t want to bother you so below is summary of what I think will be good for upcoming game/

  • Planets as the battlegrounds is your corner stone
  • Leave that colorful graphics - the war is ugly. Of course you can leave cosmetic upgrades
  • Dust 514 guns was awesome - bring them back.
  • Dropship gameplay was very good. Bring it back and put some new roles for the birds.
  • Link EVE with the Project Nova. You can start with EVE PI, even if you need to change the EVE Online. If you ask me your end goal is to move the PI and its products in the hand of foot troops.
  • Introduce PvE the same way you have it in EVE. Even the hardcore PvPers need to grind some money or just to do something when their fleet commanders are offline, right?
  • awesome looking personal hangar and armory

I’ll stop here hoping you’ll listen to me.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #107

Fsck no, hell no. Having Dust players in local was worthless. Entangling EVE with whatever project CCP is busy with adds value to neither.

(Arthur Aihaken) #108

There’s a better chance of seeing a new EVE mobile game than Nova.
Sorry to dash your hopes, but there are way better shooters and CCP has squandered far too much time on this venture.

(Nevyn Auscent) #109

An item needed in one game can never ever ever be reliant on another game.
If PI is used for EVE, then PI has to be produced by EVE players.

This is not saying Nova could not also make PI, but you can’t tie the entire production chain of one game, to another game.

(chardak) #110

you guys probably understand that if want to survive EVE need to add some kind of FPS just to stay competitive. They start it as a separate project, but I think the long goal is to be part of EVE

(Chidorin Takamori) #111

would be nice to have polished product from the start (in terms of bugs, optimizations, supported platforms pc/mac, consoles, crossplatform):
-starting with BR mode (thought that it is what was prepared at initial alpha start and be smth like Apex Legends) which integrated with lore like mercenaries, aim&survivability training, clones spent when die
-then adding PvE content like destiny, division integrated with lore like special missions sent by corps/factions to clear territories from flora and fauna and to train mission completing, working in group, creativity at strategy suggesting on the go as mobs and bosses have dynamic/different strategies each time
-final part: pvp, full integration into eve online, dayz/ tarkov free roam with dynamic events etc (the main and difficult part we are all waiting in 2020s)

p.s. with all time of waiting it’s better to wait longer but have a finished engine/polished product ; imho all UE products looks the same, sooo working more on graphical part or changing engine to get an impressive visually appealing nature on planet maps (yeah, tech, scify ship locations of course will be good looking)

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #112

I think we will have world peace before we see CCP shipping a polished, bug free product.

(Cypherous) #113

Please dear god no, nothing they make will compete with the current BR’s out there and FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK battle royale, period, we already have that in EVE, we want a shooter that actually provides something of value rather than just being a BR with an EVE flavour

(Nevyn Auscent) #114

EVE is a team game.
Any shooter CCP make should maintain that idea of alliances mattering, forming teams and groups.
Otherwise it will just get buried by shinier wider known games.

(3nki) #115

IMO a robust, full-featured WiS would help CCP a lot more than a separate game that’s an MMOFPS.

FPS market is very saturated.

MMOs like EVE are not - and WiS would be something that would attract MMORPG fans who want to look at their character and not just a ship.

I think CCP needs to consider Blue Ocean strategy. The FPS market is very much a Red Ocean.

(Cypherous) #116

WiS serves no actual purpose and just wastes development and QA time, they won’t build an FPS out of that and anything you could do while walking you could do dozens of times faster as-is

Just let go of WiS because its not going to happen

(Smell Me) #117

IMO this game won’t grow without WiS or at least some way to interact more with your avatar directly. It would help the game appeal to a broader base of people. This is going to sound hella stupid but look at Second Life…there is a demographic for that type of avatar-based gameplay and I think the EVE universe serves as an interesting backdrop

(Cypherous) #118

The difference being in second life your avatar was how you interacted with the game, here they aren’t as your ship is how you interact with the game, there is no need to appeal to a broader base of people, because avatar gameplay offers nothing in terms of actual gameplay, this isn’t the likes of WoW where your avatars are actually seen, the universe isn’t a backdrop its the main part of the game, this is the part people seem to forget when they ask for WiS

The simple question you need to ask is this, does WiS provide any ACTUAL benefit or MEANINGFUL content to the core of the game, the answer is no, because nothing your avatar can do is ever going to impact the core of the game, sure you’ll be able to walk around and pretend you’re buying things from a store instead of the market UI, you can walk to your hangar and pretend you’re fitting your ship instead of just using the fitting window, but this doesn’t “add” anything of any real value and it would literally become a waste of resources to build and maintain for the few dozen people who would actually waste time using this

(Nana Skalski) #119

If there is no single player modes, its stupid.

(Peter Raptor) #120

If they are not Integrating Nova into the Universe, than what a Pathetic Waste of time, as per the PC Gamer article " EVE Online’s new FPS is boring and unambitious " Unambitious because its a Standalone game, CCP wasting time and money YET AGAIN