RIP Project Nova.... again

(Nevyn Auscent) #121

WiS could have features that would impact the core game. There are a number of options that have been put forward over the years that dont involve fps in stations or simply a slower way of doing existing things.
Now, as a vanity only project I agree it’s not worth dev time.
But to say that’s all it ever could be is quite short sighted.

(Cypherous) #122

Like what exactly? i mean if you know of them you must know “what” they are, and just because a suggestion was made that doesn’t make it a GOOD addition to the game, what meaningful actual impactful to the universe ideas have you come up with, i’m more than happy to ruin them

(Nana Skalski) #123

I am suspecting CCP shrunk so much, shriveled like a dessicated prune, that they will never again make a game that even comes close to DUST 514. Few years ahead and they will start getting moldy. No juice, no power to do anything only decompose. Only EVE will stay, like a seed inside, helping to keep whats left of CCP around it.

(OId SouI) #124

:scream_cat: shock!

(Salt Foambreaker) #125

In a recent thread we pushed people to come up with ONE IDEA and they couldn’t.

Every idea was either duplicate functionality to something we should not have to WiS to access.

(Nana Skalski) #126

All the ideas and threads were on old forums, and CCP never showed any interest in that, so why would they repeat themselves when the chances became even slimmer to get implementation? Its stupid. They went to Star Citizen or elsewhere with all their ideas.

(Ronnie Rose) #127

Well, no va in Spanish does mean no go.

(Cypherous) #128

Then they clearly don’t actually want it enough to keep asking for it, so by all means list some of those unique ideas that will actually add something meaningful to new eden, and clothes doesn’t count, it has to be something that will have an actual impact on the universe but not cripple progress due to nobody wanting to use it, so it can’t have a negative impact through nobody using it

(Nevyn Auscent) #129

Political lobbying & influence based on NPC factions, since CCP want to integrate them more and have them more active.
If no-one uses it, no big deal. It’s not simply slowing down an existing mechanic.
And it’s a mechanic that makes sense in having it as face to face dealing rather than spaceships.

(Cypherous) #130

To do what exactly, why would the NPC factions care about your politics, they only care about actions you take, you need to detail exactly what you would think this system would do, how it would function, why it would make sense, why it would even be worth doing, i mean you’re not going to be affecting the lore and if this is just a way to boost standings then just go run a mission you’ll actually get something out of that :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nevyn Auscent) #131

I see you fitted rocket jets to your goalposts there as soon as someone crossed the old position.
This is why people aren’t bothering to discuss it in this thread, because there are naysayers who will just keep demanding more and more explanation and leap on the first possible error.

(Cypherous) #132

Hardly, i specifically said you needed to provide ideas, a single phrase is not an idea for something impactful, all you did was name something without detailing what you would want it to do, the goalposts have remained stationary, why do you think nobody has managed to actually suggest something impactful and meaningful so far, they only come up with names not actual ideas for features, its not a case of demanding more and more explanation, you provided no information to indicate what the feature you want actually “does”, cool you can lobby your politics, but to do what exactly, the political views of the factions are already set so you won’t be able to influence who they like/dislike, you’re not going to be able to affect anything like tax rates, the only thing you might be able to remotely do would be to raise your personal standings, but i’m not even sure how you would work that in to a feature

Click “I agree with your political standings for a free 0.01 standing boost once per day” because that isn’t meaningful in the least, if you’re going to suggest an idea actually HAVE something behind that idea, literally anything would be better than the zero information you offered to begin with

So yeah, you wonder why nobody listens to the “ideas” players came up with when they didn’t actually come up with any >.>

And ofc people are going to point out where your idea fails, that is the whole point, if you suggest something bad people will tell you its bad, then you have to accept your idea might not actually be worth the time and effort it would take to add, remember your idea has to be awesome enough to justify them writing an entire new section of the game including creation of entire sets of assets for station interiors, because that had better be a damn impressive idea

(Nana Skalski) #133

You wrote that like you would not understand what I wrote.

If you would do the same thing over and over, taking all the energy and putting it into developing ideas yourself instead of CCP devs and then CCP never comment on it or even talk about it, then if you repeat that ignoring previous reaction from CCP and their inability to push stuff into the game for whatever reason, you would be literally mad. People who would want WiS and were gathered by CCP around also that idea, they obviosly went disilusioned and moved with their lives and gaming somewhere else, like GTAO or Star Citizen if they are hardcore Sci-Fi fans, only few who stayed are rather pointing out what CCP lost or they have sad about that and like to troll CCP into thinking about it.

Its not that people dont want it, its that CCP lost those players along the way, obviously they did not really need them for new EVE, where you can clothe ships and structures.

(Yiole Gionglao) #134

This exactly. Around 2013 I was asseverating that CCP’s solution to the WiS problem was to let it rot until people who wanted it jaded and left. No WiSers, no WiS problem. It’s an optimal, if cowardly solution to problems you don’t know how to address.

We are in the times of the amazing shrinking CCP. Guess what, when you develop your game to please 20% of your customers, the other 80% does funny things like stop being your customers, and sooner or later that’s gonna catch up with you.

Compound it with all the side gigs which barely lifted their weight, or were trivial income, plus the last side gig which, to keep up with the tradition, is another poor game from a one-hit company.

I don’t know whether CCP will end or save NOVA, but chances are low. Epic Games had a strike of wild luck with Fortnite, the game nobody plays the way it was intended but it’s a behemoth in what was a desperate, last-ditch move to save it. Yet CCP is not that good at developing videogames and NOVA is gonna need a miracle to get out from the sorry place it was developed into.

(Nana Skalski) #135

Yes. They were really clueless, as was shown here:
For those who dont know how it was (is?) really inside CCP.

(Mina Sebiestar) #136

What forum is THAT looks like brain cells were used to create it.
CCP you might want to click that link.

(Cypherous) #137

Then to put it lightly, they did not care enough to actually want it, they wanted an addition they were unwilling to fight for or provide useful concepts for, i never saw a single idea that would have actually added anything meaningful to the game, nothing suggested would have had an impact, all people wanted was pointless minigames to play instead of playing the actual game, if i’m logging in to EVE its because i want to play EVE, not because i want to play poker inside EVE because there are many better alternatives for any of these minigames

(Cypherous) #138

Those are the old forums, they were removed a long while back, i mean they don’t need to click the link when they own the link >.>

(Nana Skalski) #139

You silly.
So you say iwantism is making wonders? Tell me more what level of needism is required from you for CCP to make your wish come true. :stuck_out_tongue:

Others looked and saw. Gave input and ideas. You did not. Obviously you did not care enough, and its your fault that CCP never implemented WiS. :sunglasses:

(Cypherous) #140

Its not silly, if you actually WANT something that badly you keep asking for it, CCP isn’t going to care about something you don’t care enough about, asking for something then never asking it again makes it look like it wasn’t really wanted in the first place and that it was more just a passing interest, if you’ve given up after the first period of silence then you clearly didn’t want it enough to fight for it, yes this takes time but CCP isn’t going to invest resources in something players aren’t constantly asking for, simple business sense

Yeah you kind of left out the important part, but only because that small part actually served your needs :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean i saw people list really shitty ideas, i’m asking for the ideas people claimed were actually good, because i never saw any of those get posted in any of the threads :stuck_out_tongue: