RIP Project Nova.... again

(Nana Skalski) #141

CCP isnt going to care about WiS. Nothing you can do about that now. And its not what players want, but what CCP wants at this point and how to steer fanboys into the trap.

Many people wrote so many times “I want WIS” “IDEA is as follows:” And then its like throwing pearls in front of cows and awaiting that they will apreciate the gesture. :joy:
Just stop, you are lost in your thoughts.

(Cypherous) #142

I think you’re confusing me with someone else, i don’t want WiS, its a worthless feature, i don’t need to “do” anything about it, both me and CCP are in agreement that its not worth doing

Yes many people wrote ideas, but you’re missing the point that just because you had an “idea” that doesn’t make it a GOOD idea, see the thing is, all the ideas that were suggested were not GOOD ones, anyone with a keyboard can make an idea, but if CCP and the players don’t think its good then it was a bad idea, pure and simple, it really isn’t complicated

(Nana Skalski) #143

You have no idea about how CCP works. What if these were the best ideas on the world and CCP management did not appreciate it? You are so lost.

(Cypherous) #144

Already answered this in another thread but by all means i’ll paste it here again

(Nana Skalski) #145

Ok, that settles it. No point discussing it with you because you already made up your mind and you dont need WIS for anything. Thats your personal opinion. There are many people who dont agree with you tho. So whatever.

(Salt Foambreaker) #146

Those would be the ones who protested the removal of CQ, or the massive protests against WiS when it came out.

CCP heard from the silent majority in that case, why would they possibly want to suffer through that again.

Especially considering they don’t have the staff.

Hire a bunch of staff to produce something the player base soundly rejected.


(Cypherous) #147

Except, as evidenced, there are more people who think WiS is worthless, CCP included, the WiS crowd is a very small minority of the playerbase, you don’t have to accept that but its a fact pure and simple, otherwise they would have defended it by the thousands, they would have fought to save it, i’ve seen more people cry for the revival of a completely dead game 3 years after it was shut down than the number of people who actively defended WiS with decent ideas

At the end of the day, the numbers spoke for themselves and we told CCP ahead of time that it was pointless to add it, they didn’t listen and added it anyway, turns out, it was infact pointless, quiet minority won’t get anything added to the game, you have to be a vocal majority, and in this case the vocal majority knows it wasn’t worth the lines of code it took, you can either accept that WiS was pointless and move on with your life or refuse to accept facts and instead spend your days blaming CCP for not listing to the zero good ideas put forth by the WiS fans

Either way i’m done arguing with a troll :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nana Skalski) #148

I am not a troll. You can call people names, but that only makes you look bad.
And I am done arguing with you, you clearly dont see the potential, like CCP never seen it.


(Cypherous) #149

It would only make me look bad if it were untrue, but as evidenced by posts like these, well i odn’t really need to confirm it now do i :wink:

But we both know i’m not the clueless one :slight_smile:

(Nana Skalski) #150

Yeah, right… :roll_eyes:

also NO, U! (thats how you actually sounds now)

(Nevyn Auscent) #151

There were no massive projects against WIS when it came out.
Stop trying to rewrite history.
The overwhelming feedback at the time was actually in favour of WiS.

The protests were against the leaked memo and the bugs that caused graphics cards to actually melt down (because cards weren’t as good at stopping meltdowns back then by slowing themselves down).
As well as the fact that the CQ was the result of about 9 months of no development anywhere else in EVE and that was all that got produced.

(Cypherous) #152

Hardly, i mean, we both know you’re factually wrong and you resorted to blaming the devs for lacking vision despite your “visionary” WiS idea having zero substance, when asked to provide evidence of the “good ideas” you saw you provided nothing, i mean you didn’t even try to defend your own substance less “idea”, i’m still more than willing to entertain any evidence you provide or any ideas you back up, but be aware i WILL point out any flaws and explain why your idea isn’t good enough to warrant development of an entire set of station interior assets and an engine to support them IF i see that there are flaws in the idea, because thats the exact same thing CCP will do and if you can’t convince another player that your idea is awesome, what hope do you think you have of convincing CCP to add it

The ball as they say, is entirely in your court, but so far i expect you to defend your “idea” about as well as the minority of WiS fans decided to “defend” the feature they apparently so badly desired that they were willing to entirely give it up without a fight which would indicate that it wasn’t actually as important to them as they had first thought, i’m not saying that “you” don’t care enough about it but the majority you’re relying on to get this pushed through don’t seem to actually care enough

(Cypherous) #153

Not sure where you’re getting your facts from, when ambulation was announced the feedback from players was actually pretty much “meh”, because most of them didn’t see any value in it, literally nobody i spent any decent time playing with was excited by this feature nor did any of them particularly care when it was abandoned and outside of it being the default on a client reinstall most people forgot it even existed because thats how little of an impact even the thought experiments for it had.

The feature was basically DoA and it was only even developed because of the planned WoD MMO after CCP acquired WhiteWolf, and that got shelved when they saw the lack of excitement for ambulation, it was never going to be anything special and would only have ended up as a much slower more resource intensive version of the standard UI, and most players arne’t interested in spending 20 minutes doing a task they can complete in 5 via the existing UI, and while it would make the avatar obsessed minority moist in their special pod place, that isn’t enough to justify the development and maintenance costs of such a feature, from a business perspective it was a pretty pointless experiment

(Salt Foambreaker) #154

Are you kidding, the protests were/are legendary.

(Nevyn Auscent) #155

Try reading the rest of my post, I know it’s hard to read an entire post before frothing at the mouth and hammering your keyboard in a response, but it will help you a lot to understand.

(Salt Foambreaker) #156

The rest was ■■■■■■■■, posted by someone who didn’t know recently in another thread or in some cases was a component of WiS.

WiS sucked.

Everyone hated it.

It failed.

It is gone.

Only a stupid person would redo that nightmare.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #157

WiS has never really been tried.

(Mina Sebiestar) #158

People expected ambulation but what they got was single minmatar dingy room with vanity store.
Room served as vampire failure test bed store to introduce paying for vanity items with real cash.
Aurum was introduced.
There was letter that leaked openly calling player base sheep’s only worth taking money from in same letter talks of introducing golden ammo.
Removal of hangar with fixed background.
Pathetic scope of expansion(today norm)
GPU overheating while in rusty room and heavy performance drop.
Ignoring completely rest of EVE that was rifled with bugs and out right broken gameplay for 18month straight with no end in sight.

Largest reasons for legendary protests are in bold least was about expanding eve universe to new highs.

Damn straight.

(Nana Skalski) #159

I think this article was always true to the bone:

And it feels like nothing changed.

Or like CCP Leeloo wrote in a post after leaving CCP:

it’s easy to turn to a blank page but it’s very hard to change how your handwriting looks.

(AlleyKat) #160

Just as an aside, I contacted the game director back in 2015/16 and wanted to setup a skype session to show and demonstrate 4 maps/levels created in the Unreal Engine.

These levels were CTF/DM/RUSH/TDM in design and focused on the 4 racial styles.

They had choke points, control points, objectives etc. One on a Desert planet, one in a nondescript military base, one involving a post-battle scavenging ‘space jump’, one on a docking bay of a derelict super-capital. I had BSP original geometry, and had converted/duplicated these in 3D MAX, and re-imported them to lower system resources in the engine, using static meshes/FBX Conversions, to lower polygon count.
In addition to this, I had the source files, used Epic ‘standard’ blueprint materials and textures, meaning that anyone could have taken the project C++ files, imported them into the UE4 engine and incorporated the content into their own files. This is very important, as it would have synched nicely, and allowed any dev team (globally) to DL the UE4 engine (4.14, if memory serves) and patch the content for playtesting ‘round-robins’.

I was told in no uncertain terms there might be a possibility to show these maps off, and had everything setup to do a desktop stream through skype (or even discord, I think) and talk through the design(s) in extensive detail. This would involve me having the UE4 interface open, and simply, talking it through.

I had also additionally prepared 4 design documents/PDF’s detailing the map layouts and all I really needed was the movement speed/jump height player traversal speed to fine-tune, and (using blueprint) was able to scale up/down the environment(s) to match the player interaction. I also ‘lurked’ the discord convos and drew inspiration from what the playerbase (ex-Dust514) was seeking (at that time).

It didn’t go anywhere, and despite a very high level of professional communique from both parties, it became nothing.

I didn’t ask for any $ (most unlike me to do such a thing!) but sought…no more than 1 hour of their collective time. 60 mins. That’s all.

Since then - well, you know the rest.

As a background, I have completed paid work for CCP several years ago and still had an NDA, although it needed a repatriation and subsequent signature(s) for reinforcement.

I (also) did complete a script, synopsis and treatment for what could be either a live-action or animation trilogy, revolving around The Second Genesis. Despite enthusiastic yelps from members of staff in marketing and PR directorships, this came, again, to nothing.

Why did I do this? Well, CCP were everso nice to me prior to this, and I have always been a fairly prolific individual and had the time, at the time, to do the above.

The story I had set out, that might see the light of day, one day, in whatever light that may shine on it, but for now, I really do not feel CCP has any intention whatsoever to actually complete:

a) The continuation of EVE
b) The fortitude to deliver an FPS (of any description)
c) The marketability to create a movie/film/animated film


If anyone wishes to know more about ‘my experience with dealing with CCP’ sorry, not gonna happen. I have too much respect for the staff that are trying to create content, then to kick them when they are down.